Wie moves the needle 

July, 11, 2006
Tiger Woods may be more popular, Phil Mickelson may be more congenial, but no one in golf draws more attention these days than a certain 16-year-old girl.

Anytime our ESPN.com coverage revolves around the exploits of Michelle Wie, I become inundated with e-mails from both supporters and cynics of what she is trying to accomplish. The latter types begrudgingly accept that she is undeniably talented and will someday win plenty of tournaments, but question why she is trying to compete with the world's top male players at such a young age.

Jason Sobel | email

Golf Editor, ESPN.com
Jason Sobel, who joined ESPN in 1997, earned four Sports Emmy awards as a member of ESPN's Studio Production department. He became ESPN.com's golf editor in July 2004.