Another risk/reward for Phil 

April, 24, 2007
So, how big is this whole Butch Harmon-to-coach-Phil Mickelson story? Well, let me say this: I've never gotten a press release about a player switching instructor allegiances before.

Nope, I'd say 99 percent of the time no one outside of the coach, the player, his caddie and their immediate families knows -- or even cares -- about this newfound interaction.

Then again, I guess most players aren't Phil Mickelson, whose representatives issued a 295-word document on Monday to announce that Lefty would be "spending more time with" Butch Harmon. Aww, that's a cute way of wording it, huh? Sort of sounds like the two men will just be hanging out together, getting to know each other.

Jason Sobel | email

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