Wie to play John Deere (again) 

May, 22, 2007
So, Michelle Wie is going to play in the John Deere Classic this year, it was announced on Tuesday.

That's nothing new. She's competed in the tournament each of the last two years and, quite honestly, it's one of her better chances to post a quality result, considering the weakened field at the pre-British Open run-up event and the relatively benign 7,193-yard layout. (I won't say it's one of her best chances to make a cut, because we all know competing in tour events is about more than just making cuts. But I digress ...)

Anyway, as with every story about young Ms. Wie, this one is receiving plenty of early attention. Check out the comments section on the news story and you'll see that just by simply accepting the sponsor's exemption, she has drawn the ire of many golf fans already.

Jason Sobel | email

ESPN Senior Writer