Wie has her say 

June, 5, 2007
There is no hot-button issue in golf more inflammatory right now than where Michelle Wie belongs and what her next step should be following last week's first-round WD at the Ginn Tribute.

The Associated Press story detailing that WD received 234 user comments on this Web site last Thursday. Eric Adelson's follow-up column garnered another 102 and Ron Sirak's Golf World piece -- just posted today -- is already well into the double-digits.

Love her or hate her -- and most of you do, indeed, hate her, or least have a severe dislike for what she's trying to accomplish; I'm not sure there's ever been a 17-year-old who received so much constant criticism from the public -- readers can't get enough Wie right now. You want to talk about her, argue about her, debate about her.

Jason Sobel | email

Golf Editor, ESPN.com
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