Expect Romo, Timberlake to break 100 at Torrey Pines 

June, 3, 2008
Prior to the U.S. Open each year, I put together a ranking of all 156 players in the field -- a list of both educated and not-so-educated guesses that at least gets readers talking about the upcoming event. (My ranking for this year's tourney will be posted Wednesday.) Once in a while, I'll get one right; maybe I'll pick, say, Dean Wilson in 51st place, and lo and behold, he'll actually finish No. 51 for the week.

Those right answers, however, are few and far between. Fact is, it's nearly impossible to handicap a golf tournament, where so many factors can lead to so many unpredictable circumstances.

But at least those guys are professionals. I can base their performance probability on past experience at the event and recent history.

Jason Sobel | email

Golf Editor, ESPN.com
Jason Sobel, who joined ESPN in 1997, earned four Sports Emmy awards as a member of ESPN's Studio Production department. He became ESPN.com's golf editor in July 2004.