Country before job for Curtis, caddie at Ryder Cup 

August, 22, 2008
PARAMUS, N.J. -- For Ben Curtis and Andy Sutton, there was no other alternative but to part ways for the upcoming Ryder Cup.

"Ben and I spoke about it a few years ago, briefly," Sutton said after their round on Friday. "I said, if he ever made the team, being British, I want Europe to win, so I'd struggle to work for an American."

"We talked about it before," Curtis added. "It was kind of just, like, joking around, saying, 'I can't have you caddying for me.' And he says, 'I can't work for you.' Just giving each other a lot grief. But deep down we both knew what was going to happen, so it made it easier."

Jason Sobel | email

ESPN Senior Writer