Twitter chatter heats up at all levels of golf

September, 23, 2011

Every Tuesday and Friday,'s Michael Collins (@ESPNCaddie) will dive into the vast world of golf on Twitter. Covering players, caddies, wives and more, he'll share his take on the best of the best.

Strange things going on at the Nationwide Tour event in California.

Walking off number 17 tee...walkpath mown straight into the water & picks right up on the other side. Sep 21 12:24:35 via Twitter for Android

The 11th hole from behind the green, looking back down the fairway.....see any issues? ;P Sep 22 17:13:22 via Twitter for Android

236 yards. First hole in the re start at 7am. How we looking. Sep 23 13:51:36 via Twitter for Android

Where is Santa in Sept u ask? Soboba Springs Country Club! Sep 22 18:03:05 via Twitter for iPhone

Maybe that's who designed some of those holes!?

Solheim Cup Quips

Do not understand why Laura Davies doesn't use a tee. Off the turf would add more spin wouldn't it? #modernage #pegitFri Sep 23 14:31:10 via Twitter for iPhone

If ReMax/Long Drive Champ is questioning a bomber, he may have a point, until you compare wins. Jamie, tell me again how many tour wins you have compared to Laura? Maybe you should stop using a tee for a while!

I guess we should stop complaining so much on the PGA Tour.

Shall we discuss pace-of-play? The final group has been on the course 3 1/2 hours -- and they have 8 holes to play.Fri Sep 23 15:59:28 via web

I want to poke my eyeballs out. This last match has played nine holes in 3 hours, 15 minutes. Good thing it won't go all 18 holes.Fri Sep 23 15:47:38 via TweetDeck

Next year the Narcolepsy Championship, first-round coverage Thursday-Sunday!

Hey Elk, tell us how you really feel ...

Who's sitting next to Dottie on the coverage ..., I've got him for 8 wrong calls in first 3 holes....Fri Sep 23 13:03:06 via Twitter for iPhone

Paula Creamers caddie .. Big heavy set lad ... Is on the first tee with SHAVEDlegs ... Let me guess... "he's a swimmer".. #badlookforcaddieFri Sep 23 11:51:59 via Twitter for iPhone

Of course, you wouldn't know all of this if you had a tee time yourself this week! Still ya love though, bro.

Oh snap!

Who is the lady commentating for sky at the Solheim Cup? Accent is worse than @Graeme_McDowell's! #midatlanticFri Sep 23 10:25:29 via Twittelator

@McIlroyRory Steady on there now partner. Just because your forehand is better than mine these days, don't be beating up on me.Fri Sep 23 10:28:21 via Twitterrific

From the "where the heck did that come from" tweets ...

GET THAT CORN OUTA MY FACE!!!Thu Sep 22 13:33:10 via Echofon

Seriously, Stanko, where the heck did that come from?

Which caddie has the most beautiful daughter on tour?

Storm just couldn't get herself in shape for the 2009 Miss Tenn USA Pageant. Sep 22 03:54:10 via web

Hard to beat. The last caddie with a stunningly beautiful daughter (Rusty Uresti) walked her down the aisle not too long ago and gave her away to Nick Watney. I don't know if Kip is ready for that yet!

Wishing for East Lake?

Didn't make #tourchampionship, result? Honey do's! 1st stop? groceries. This section seems to call my name. Sep 22 20:20:56 via Echofon

@ZachJohnsonPGA u prob shouldn't tweet that because @coachnoss will find out!! #sshhsecretThu Sep 22 23:31:30 via Twitter for iPhone

Tales from East Lake.

Thanks to Adam Hayes, Randy Myers, Mo Pickens, Mike Bender, Keith Kleven, Jimmy Johnston, Mac Barnhardt, and of course my beautiful bride!Thu Sep 22 13:13:03 via Echofon

I think I tied my low round at east lake, never play good at this course. #mygameaintgoodatdiscourseThu Sep 22 21:54:45 via Echofon

Good day today -2! But I'll make sure I'm in this zone the next three days Sep 22 21:59:43 via Twitter for iPhone

I'll take that start. Felt great out the blocks today then slowed up. Short game was sharp tho and 69 is right there.Thu Sep 22 22:46:48 via Twittelator

-1(69) start. Messy rainy crap came in for the last 5 holes which led to a couple of bogies. He's hitting it great. Cmon putter!Fri Sep 23 02:19:54 via TwitBird

Was going to post something about my round, but too busy reading @WestwoodLee timeline. Lee, a couple vodka tonics tonight partner??Thu Sep 22 23:51:22 via Twittelator

I know the feeling, Westwood went tweet crazy the last few days and even he knew it.

Gym time with doctor steve. In 2 1/2 hours my body will be more sore than my thumb was last night! Twitereohr!Fri Sep 23 08:04:30 via Twitter for iPhone

More conversions to the belly putter! Et tu, Brute?

New Scotty belly tryout in paddle and putt warehouse! Sep 22 23:32:47 via Twitter for iPhone

The Medal Stand

Bronze -- Taking over the "Stand Up, Keep Up and Shut Up" mantra for caddies ...

Words of wisdom from my caddie J.J. "Take care of your pro and for gods sake don't ever piss the wife off!"Wed Sep 21 17:27:36 via TweetDeck

Every caddie that works for a married man knows, If the woman ain't happy ... nobody's happy!

Silver -- Even though this is the silver medal winner ...

Me: Do you need anything else from CVS?

Luke: Um, a birthday card for you.

Instead of being angry I started laughing :) #oldmarriedcoupleWed Sep 21 02:41:35 via Twitter for iPhone

Luke, your wife is GOLD!

Gold -- Lee Westwood had to be on top if only for the quantity of tweets this week. But the jab he threw and the rare response he got from Tiger Woods makes this conversation the gold medal winner.

Just me and a quiet afternoon on the golf course testing my new footwear. Sep 22 19:17:41 via Twitter for iPhone

Hey @westwoodlee - do they still make those?Thu Sep 22 19:51:31 via Twitter for iPhone

"@TigerWoods: Hey @westwoodlee - do they still make those?"oh yes! I'll get you a pair! Discount too!Thu Sep 22 19:56:30 via Twitter for iPhone

Westwood wins, and Tiger, I better let people know that when you said it was just you "and a quiet afternoon on the course.." with that pic, you were of course just joking ... right?!

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