Outtakes: Tee to green with Geoff Ogilvy

DP: Give me the book you're reading now.
GO: Talking Guitars. It's all the top guitarists discussing how they play.
DP: So which guitarist's insights surprised you?
GO: I don't really understand what they're talking about, but they do have an amazing perspective. Guitarists are so much more talented than golfers.
DP: I am always amazed that although Ozzy Osbourne can't talk, he can still sing.
GO: It is incredible. You see him at his show and he's not all there, but his performance is really impressive.
DP: Have you heard Wolfmother?
GO: Wolfmother is fantastic. I'm a big White Stripes fan, too. That throwback sound: simple, not overprocessed. Good stuff.

DP: What's the longest you've gone without speaking to the other player in your twosome?
GO: At least 12 holes. If a guy is playing badly, I'll wait 'til he talks, because I know when I'm going badly I want to wallow in my own pity. Some guys never talk at all, apart from "your shot" or "my putt." Others talk from the first tee to the 18th green.
DP: You've got to tell me who needs a mute button.
GO: Chris DiMarco and Rory Sabbatini. No matter how they're playing, they always talk. DiMarco is awesome. So many guys get annoyed if they're playing badly and you're playing well, but Chris roots you on no matter what. I really enjoy playing with him. Put that in the magazine.

DP: How would you describe the shoes you wore at the Masters?
GO: They were gold.
DP: When you put those on, what went through your mind?
GO: As a golfer, you're looking down at white or black your whole life. So looking at gold is different, fun. I felt quite special.
DP: Sexy?
GO: Special.

DP: What's in your bag that might surprise me?
GO: ChapStick. I can't walk on a golf course without ChapStick.
DP: If you don't have ChapStick ...
GO: ... I'm uncomfortable all day. Here's the thing: Before you use it, you don't need it. But after you use it once, your lips are suddenly dry all the time. Once you start, you can't stop.

DP: When I'm absolutely dying on a golf course, I'll say "I'm throwing up on my shoes." What expressions do you have to describe somebody who's really sucking?
GO: They're "choking it" or "gagging it" or "gassing it" or "hemorrhaging" or "finishing in an ambulance."We have hundreds of 'em.
DP: You've never used "throwing up on my shoes?"
GO: I don't throw up on my shoes. I tend to gag a little bit more.
DP: You dry heave.
GO: Yeah, I dry heave. I don't fully throw up.