• October 11 - 14, 2012
  • CordeValle Golf Club - San Martin, CA
  • Par 71
    Yards 7,368
  • Purse $5,000,000
    2012 Champion Jonas Blixt


1-Jonas BlixtJ. Blixt-16-3F66686668268$900,000.000-
T2-Tim PetrovicT. Petrovic-15-7F70686764269$440,000.000-
T2-Jason KokrakJ. Kokrak-15-3F68666768269$440,000.000-
T4-Vijay SinghV. Singh-14-3F70666668270$196,875.000-
T4-John MallingerJ. Mallinger-14+1F66627072270$196,875.000-
T4-Alexandre RochaA. Rocha-14-3F69676668270$196,875.000-
T4-Jimmy WalkerJ. Walker-14-9F73686762270$196,875.000-
8-Jeff OvertonJ. Overton-13-5F68696866271$155,000.000-
T9-Gary WoodlandG. Woodland-12-3F66726668272$140,000.000-
T9-Russell KnoxR. Knox-12-2F70686569272$140,000.000-
T11-Martin FloresM. Flores-11-4F71676867273$106,000.000-
T11-Charles Howell IIIC. Howell III-11+1F66696672273$106,000.000-
T11-Zack MillerZ. Miller-11-3F70696668273$106,000.000-
T11-Bryce MolderB. Molder-11-2F71676669273$106,000.000-
T11-Patrick ReedP. Reed-11-8F73677063273$106,000.000-
T16-Chez ReavieC. Reavie-10-3F73656868274$72,500.000-
T16-Jeff MaggertJ. Maggert-10-2F67716769274$72,500.000-
T16-Scott DunlapS. Dunlap-10EF70637071274$72,500.000-
T16-Steven BowditchS. Bowditch-10-3F71647168274$72,500.000-
T16-Danny LeeD. Lee-10EF69676771274$72,500.000-
T16-Ernie ElsE. Els-10-5F71686966274$72,500.000-
T22-Ben CurtisB. Curtis-9-1F69716570275$45,071.430-
T22-Jhonattan VegasJ. Vegas-9+1F65677172275$45,071.430-
T22-David MathisD. Mathis-9-1F68706770275$45,071.430-
T22-D.A. PointsD.A. Points-9EF68676971275$45,071.430-
T22-Nick O'HernN. O'Hern-9EF62717171275$45,071.430-
T22-Greg OwenG. Owen-9+1F66696872275$45,071.420-
T22-Mathew GogginM. Goggin-9-4F69706967275$45,071.430-
T29-Jerry KellyJ. Kelly-8+1F69686772276$31,791.660-
T29-Billy HorschelB. Horschel-8EF67657371276$31,791.670-
T29-Brian GayB. Gay-8-2F69716769276$31,791.670-
T29-Camilo VillegasC. Villegas-8-3F70667268276$31,791.670-
T29-Brian DavisB. Davis-8-5F72696966276$31,791.660-
T29-Garth MulroyG. Mulroy-8-2F73676769276$31,791.670-
T35-John RollinsJ. Rollins-7+2F71696473277$24,125.000-
T35-Bill LundeB. Lunde-7+1F69676972277$24,125.000-
T35-Matt JonesM. Jones-7EF70667071277$24,125.000-
T35-Nicolas ColsaertsN. Colsaerts-7+2F65687173277$24,125.000-
T35-Davis Love IIID. Love III-7-2F69677269277$24,125.000-
T35-Tim HerronT. Herron-7-2F70657369277$24,125.000-
T41-Rocco MediateR. Mediate-6EF67716971278$20,000.000-
T41-Derek ErnstD. Ernst-6-2F65727269278$20,000.000-
T43-Rod PamplingR. Pampling-5+1F70686972279$17,000.000-
T43-Richard LeeR. Lee-5+1F71676972279$17,000.000-
T43-John MerrickJ. Merrick-5EF72686871279$17,000.000-
T43-J.J. KilleenJ.J. Killeen-5-1F67727070279$17,000.000-
T47-Patrick CantlayP. Cantlay-4+4F67706875280$12,842.860-
T47-D.J. TrahanD.J. Trahan-4+1F73666972280$12,842.860-
T47-Mark AndersonM. Anderson-4EF71706871280$12,842.860-
T47-Frank Lickliter IIF. Lickliter II-4+2F71647273280$12,842.860-
T47-Heath SlocumH. Slocum-4EF70706971280$12,842.860-
T47-Chris RileyC. Riley-4-3F70697368280$12,842.850-
T47-Scott BrownS. Brown-4-1F73686970280$12,842.850-
54-Robert KarlssonR. Karlsson-3EF70687271281$11,600.000-
T55-Nathan GreenN. Green-2+5F72666876282$11,250.000-
T55-Will ClaxtonW. Claxton-2+4F67697175282$11,250.000-
T55-Bud CauleyB. Cauley-2EF68727171282$11,250.000-
T55-Charlie BeljanC. Beljan-2EF69677571282$11,250.000-
T55-Vaughn TaylorV. Taylor-2EF67747071282$11,250.000-
T55-Erik ComptonE. Compton-2-1F69717270282$11,250.000-
T61-Billy MayfairB. Mayfair-1-1F72697270283$10,850.000-
T61-Kelly KraftK. Kraft-1+2F72696973283$10,850.000-
63-Angel CabreraA. CabreraE+4F71687075284$10,700.000-
T64-Cameron BeckmanC. Beckman+1+1F71707272285$10,450.000-
T64-Stephen AmesS. Ames+1+2F71687373285$10,450.000-
T64-Ryuji ImadaR. Imada+1-3F70707768285$10,450.000-
T64-Stephen GangluffS. Gangluff+1+3F70677474285$10,450.000-
68-Miguel Angel CarballoM. Angel Carballo+3+4F73657475287$10,200.000-
T69-Garrett WillisG. Willis+4+2F67707873288$10,050.000-
T69-Kevin StreelmanK. Streelman+4+4F72697275288$10,050.000-
71-Todd HamiltonT. Hamilton+6+7F73677278290$9,900.000-
72-J.B. HolmesJ.B. Holmes+8+1F71707972292$9,800.000-
--Roberto CastroR. CastroCUT---7369----142$00-
--Bobby GatesB. GatesCUT---7171----142$00-
--Brendon ToddB. ToddCUT---7171----142$00-
--Matt BettencourtM. BettencourtCUT---7270----142$00-
--Mike WeirM. WeirCUT---7171----142$00-
--Arjun AtwalA. AtwalCUT---7369----142$00-
--Rory SabbatiniR. SabbatiniCUT---7171----142$00-
--Robert AllenbyR. AllenbyCUT---7270----142$00-
--Chris StroudC. StroudCUT---7171----142$00-
--Ricky BarnesR. BarnesCUT---7468----142$00-
--Craig BarlowC. BarlowCUT---7369----142$00-
--Kyle ReifersK. ReifersCUT---7270----142$00-
--Tommy BiershenkT. BiershenkCUT---7369----142$00-
--Joe DurantJ. DurantCUT---7567----142$00-
--Dean WilsonD. WilsonCUT---7171----142$00-
--Aaron BaddeleyA. BaddeleyCUT---7172----143$00-
--David HearnD. HearnCUT---7073----143$00-
--Dicky PrideD. PrideCUT---7370----143$00-
--Chad CampbellC. CampbellCUT---7568----143$00-
--Luke GuthrieL. GuthrieCUT---7370----143$00-
--Justin LeonardJ. LeonardCUT---7073----143$00-
--Edward LoarE. LoarCUT---7766----143$00-
--Billy Hurley IIIB. Hurley IIICUT---7568----143$00-
--Matt HillM. HillCUT---7073----143$00-
--Tom Pernice JrT. Pernice JrCUT---7272----144$00-
--Marco DawsonM. DawsonCUT---7173----144$00-
--Steve WheatcroftS. WheatcroftCUT---7272----144$00-
--Daniel SummerhaysD. SummerhaysCUT---7272----144$00-
--Kevin KisnerK. KisnerCUT---7173----144$00-
--Kevin ChappellK. ChappellCUT---7767----144$00-
--Colt KnostC. KnostCUT---7272----144$00-
--Gary ChristianG. ChristianCUT---7668----144$00-
--Derek LamelyD. LamelyCUT---7173----144$00-
--Josh TeaterJ. TeaterCUT---7669----145$00-
--John PetersonJ. PetersonCUT---7669----145$00-
--Andres RomeroA. RomeroCUT---7570----145$00-
--Jason BohnJ. BohnCUT---7669----145$00-
--Matt MarshallM. MarshallCUT---7570----145$00-
--Boo WeekleyB. WeekleyCUT---7273----145$00-
--Chris DiMarcoC. DiMarcoCUT---7273----145$00-
--John DalyJ. DalyCUT---7570----145$00-
--Stuart ApplebyS. ApplebyCUT---7273----145$00-
--Shane BertschS. BertschCUT---7273----145$00-
--Daniel ChopraD. ChopraCUT---7274----146$00-
--Trevor ImmelmanT. ImmelmanCUT---7472----146$00-
--Brendan SteeleB. SteeleCUT---7769----146$00-
--Matt EveryM. EveryCUT---7274----146$00-
--Gavin ColesG. ColesCUT---7571----146$00-
--Alex CejkaA. CejkaCUT---7374----147$00-
--Troy MattesonT. MattesonCUT---7671----147$00-
--Troy KellyT. KellyCUT---7374----147$00-
--Kyle ThompsonK. ThompsonCUT---7671----147$00-
--Hank KuehneH. KuehneCUT---7573----148$00-
--Roland ThatcherR. ThatcherCUT---7574----149$00-
--Marc TurnesaM. TurnesaCUT---7277----149$00-
--James DriscollJ. DriscollCUT---7576----151$00-
--Patrick SheehanP. SheehanCUT---7873----151$00-
--Mitch LoweM. LoweCUT---7675----151$00-
--Matt McQuillanM. McQuillanCUT---7378----151$00-
--Len MattiaceL. MattiaceCut-------------$00-


Kevin Maguire Golf 

As if the roughly 2 inches of rain earlier this week wasn't enough at Baltusrol, the greens crew hoses down the rough around the 18th green prior to the PGA Championship. You know, in case it wasn't long enough already.


Kevin Maguire Golf 

Looking for possibly the most idyllic hole here at Baltusrol Golf Club, site of the 98th PGA Championship? The par-3 fourth would certainly qualify. It won't be a pushover, though. Just heard two fans debating if they would lay up off the tee. When they were reminded it was a par-3, they reconsidered.

Jason Sobel @JasonSobelESPN

Jordan Spieth turns 23 today. In the year they were 23, Jack won two majors; Tiger and Rory each won one. You know, no pressure or anything.

Kevin Maguire Golf 

Dustin Johnson attributes his strong play recently at the majors to the harder the course, the better he plays. And with holes 17 and 18 as par-5s to close out the back nine at Baltusrol, we should expect some fireworks down the stretch at the 98th PGA Championship starting Thursday.

Bob Harig ESPN Senior Writer 

Sergio Garcia is playing his 70th consecutive major championship at the PGA. The streak -- the longest active -- dates to the 1999 Open. Garcia has 22 top-10s and 12 top-5s, including tied for fifth at both the U.S. Open and The Open. Of course, Garcia, 36, has never won a major. The last four majors have been won by first-timers and Garcia hopes that streak continues at Baltusrol. "If it doesn't happen, it's not going to change my life,'' Garcia said. "I'm not going to go in a cave and stay there until I die because I didn't win a major.''

Kevin Maguire Golf 

Andrew Johnston took his tour to America this week, playing in the 98th PGA Championship. The pro golfer affectionately known as "Beef" is still trying to get used to his growing popularity, though. After playing a practice round here at Baltusrol Golf Club, the Englishman said it took him nearly 4 1/2 hours to play 11 holes -- because he was signing so many autographs.

Bob Harig ESPN Senior Writer 

Jason Day's wife, Elle, was taken to the hospital on Tuesday night for what turned out to be an allergic reaction. The No. 1-ranked golfer in the world had yet to see Baltusrol as of Wednesday morning as he tried to manage his own health (a cold) and getting rest with a tight schedule and the PGA Championship starting Thursday. Day had back issues prior to the Masters and then the flu, a cold at the U.S. Open, a rib-injury scare at The Open and now a lack of sleep. Day and his wife did not return to their hotel until 2 a.m.