Encompass Championship

  • June 21 - 23, 2013
  • North Shore Country Club
  • Par 72
    Yards 7,103
  • Purse $1,800,000
    2013 Champion Craig Stadler


1-Craig StadlerC. Stadler-13-1F676571203$270,000.00-
2-Fred CouplesF. Couples-12-6F706866204$158,400.00-
T3-Tom Pernice, Jr.T. Pernice, Jr.-11-5F706867205$81,000.00-
T3-Kenny PerryK. Perry-11-5F696967205$81,000.00-
T3-Mark O'MearaM. O'Meara-11-4F706768205$81,000.00-
T3-Tom LehmanT. Lehman-11-3F706669205$81,000.00-
T3-Bernhard LangerB. Langer-11-3F676969205$81,000.00-
T3-David FrostD. Frost-11-2F686770205$81,000.00-
T3-Jeff SlumanJ. Sluman-11-1F686671205$81,000.00-
T10-Mark CalcavecchiaM. Calcavecchia-9-1F676971207$45,000.00-
T10-Bob TwayB. Tway-9+1F696573207$45,000.00-
T12-Rod SpittleR. Spittle-8-2F716770208$36,600.00-
T12-Bart BryantB. Bryant-8-1F696871208$36,600.00-
T12-Steve PateS. Pate-8EF706672208$36,600.00-
T15-Esteban ToledoE. Toledo-7-3F677369209$28,800.00-
T15-Jay HaasJ. Haas-7-2F716870209$28,800.00-
T15-Jeff HartJ. Hart-7-2F687170209$28,800.00-
T15-Corey PavinC. Pavin-7-1F696971209$28,800.00-
T15-Peter SeniorP. Senior-7-1F706871209$28,800.00-
20-Mike GoodesM. Goodes-6EF696972210$23,580.00-
T21-Scott HochS. Hoch-5-4F687568211$19,944.00-
T21-Kirk TriplettK. Triplett-5-3F707269211$19,944.00-
T21-Gary HallbergG. Hallberg-5-1F687271211$19,944.00-
T21-Duffy WaldorfD. Waldorf-5EF677272211$19,944.00-
T21-Chien Soon LuC. Soon Lu-5+2F696874211$19,944.00-
T26-Loren RobertsL. Roberts-4-4F727268212$16,740.00-
T26-John RieggerJ. Riegger-4+2F706874212$16,740.00-
T28-Fred FunkF. Funk-3-2F707370213$14,580.00-
T28-Jay Don BlakeJ. Don Blake-3-1F727071213$14,580.00-
T28-Mark BrooksM. Brooks-3-1F697371213$14,580.00-
T28-Michael AllenM. Allen-3-5F757167213$14,580.00-
T32-Steve LoweryS. Lowery-2-1F717271214$11,138.00-
T32-Joe DaleyJ. Daley-2-2F747070214$11,138.00-
T32-Gene JonesG. Jones-2EF727072214$11,138.00-
T32-John HustonJ. Huston-2EF736972214$11,138.00-
T32-Chip BeckC. Beck-2-3F707569214$11,138.00-
T32-Gary RusnakG. Rusnak-2EF707272214$11,138.00-
T32-Hale IrwinH. Irwin-2-3F717469214$11,138.00-
T32-Scott SimpsonS. Simpson-2+1F707173214$11,138.00-
T40-Bill GlassonB. Glasson-1-1F727271215$8,460.00-
T40-Larry MizeL. Mize-1+1F717173215$8,460.00-
T40-John CookJ. Cook-1-1F727271215$8,460.00-
T40-Mark McNultyM. McNulty-1+1F697373215$8,460.00-
T40-Russ CochranR. Cochran-1+2F707174215$8,460.00-
T45-Peter JacobsenP. JacobsenEEF737172216$7,200.00-
T45-Dan ForsmanD. ForsmanE-4F727668216$7,200.00-
T47-Gene SauersG. Sauers+1+3F717175217$5,422.00-
T47-Sandy LyleS. Lyle+1EF687772217$5,422.00-
T47-Jim RutledgeJ. Rutledge+1EF727372217$5,422.00-
T47-Steve ElkingtonS. Elkington+1-1F786871217$5,422.00-
T47-Tom PurtzerT. Purtzer+1+5F716977217$5,422.00-
T47-Brian HenningerB. Henninger+1-2F707770217$5,422.00-
T47-Jay DelsingJ. Delsing+1-2F717670217$5,422.00-
T47-Mark MoulandM. Mouland+1-5F777367217$5,422.00-
T55-Wayne LeviW. Levi+2+2F756974218$3,870.00-
T55-Roger ChapmanR. Chapman+2+1F717473218$3,870.00-
T55-Willie WoodW. Wood+2+1F717473218$3,870.00-
T55-Hal SuttonH. Sutton+2+6F697178218$3,870.00-
T59-Andrew MageeA. Magee+3+3F727275219$3,060.00-
T59-Jeff BrehautJ. Brehaut+3+2F717474219$3,060.00-
T59-David EgerD. Eger+3+1F747273219$3,060.00-
T59-Rocco MediateR. Mediate+3EF737472219$3,060.00-
T59-Dick MastD. Mast+3-3F777369219$3,060.00-
T64-Don PooleyD. Pooley+4+5F727177220$2,082.00-
T64-Joel EdwardsJ. Edwards+4+3F766975220$2,082.00-
T64-Blaine McCallisterB. McCallister+4+2F687874220$2,082.00-
T64-Lance Ten BroeckL. Ten Broeck+4+1F747373220$2,082.00-
T64-Bob GilderB. Gilder+4+1F757273220$2,082.00-
T64-Tom JenkinsT. Jenkins+4-1F767371220$2,082.00-
T70-Jim ThorpeJ. Thorpe+5EF757472221$1,530.00-
T70-Mark WiebeM. Wiebe+5-1F737771221$1,530.00-
72-Jim Gallagher Jr.J. Gallagher Jr.+6EF757572222$1,368.00-
T73-Bobby ClampettB. Clampett+7+4F767176223$1,188.00-
T73-Bobby WadkinsB. Wadkins+7+3F787075223$1,188.00-
T73-D.A. WeibringD.A. Weibring+7-1F737971223$1,188.00-
T76-Nick PriceN. Price+9+6F717678225$1,008.00-
T76-Tim MatthewsT. Matthews+9+3F757575225$1,008.00-
78-Tom KiteT. Kite+10+4F757576226$900.00-
79-John HarrisJ. Harris+14+9F757481230$828.00-
80-Ben CrenshawB. Crenshaw+16+4F817576232$774.00-
81-Rick FehrR. Fehr+17+8F738080233$738.00-


Jason Sobel ESPN Senior Writer 

Stephan Jaeger shot the first-ever 58 in a PGA Tour-sanctioned event today, posting matching nines of 29-29 in the opening round of the Ellie Mae Classic on the Web.com Tour. With a 10-foot birdie putt on the final hole, Jaeger concluded his round with 12 birdies, six pars and no bogeys. And it actually could've been even better -- after reaching the par-5 third green in two, he three-putted for par.

Darren Rovell @darrenrovell

In 1972, a Scottish taxi driver promised to name his son after the winner of The Open Championship. Days later Lee Trevino Everest was born.

Jason Sobel @JasonSobelESPN

It's after 7 p.m., there's only one group left on the course, and Rory McIlroy is still trying to figure things out on the practice green.

Kevin Maguire Golf 

After struggling with 35 putts en route to a 4-over-par 74 in Round 1 of the PGA Championship, Rory McIlroy returned to the putting green at Baltusrol and as of 6:30 p.m. ET, he was still working on that portion of his game.

Michael Collins ESPN Senior Writer 

Playing together at the final major of 2016, this year's major winners finish: Henrik Stenson (The Open) -3, Danny Willett (The Masters) +1, and Dustin Johnson (U.S. Open) +7

Jason Sobel @JasonSobelESPN

In Dustin Johnson's last seven starts, he had a scoring average of 68.68 with no score worse than 73. He shot 77 today with just one birdie.

Michael Collins ESPN Senior Writer 

Why do I love golf? Dustin Johnson on the 18th hole hit it in the water and then off a tree yet STILL had a chance to make a par. You love the rollercoaster even if you throw up at the end!

Michael Collins ESPN Senior Writer 

Exactly where Rory McIlroy needs to be after his 35 putt +4 day at Baltusrol.