ISPS HANDA Perth International

  • October 17 - 20, 2013
  • Lake Karrinyup CC
  • Par 72
    Yards 7,143
  • 2013 Champion Jin Jeong


1-Jin JeongJ. Jeong-10-3F68726969278$0-
2-Ross FisherR. Fisher-10-4F72677168278$0-
T3-Dimitrios PapadatosD. Papadatos-8-4F69717268280$0-
T3-Danny WillettD. Willett-8-3F72716869280$0-
T3-Brody NinyetteB. Ninyette-8EF72696772280$0-
6-Brett RumfordB. Rumford-7EF71736572281$0-
T7-Joel SjoholmJ. Sjoholm-6-1F71736771282$0-
T7-Richard FinchR. Finch-6EF72696972282$0-
T7-Joachim B HansenJ. B Hansen-6+1F70736673282$0-
T10-Peter HedblomP. Hedblom-5-1F68697571283$0-
T10-Fredrik Andersson HedF. Andersson Hed-5+1F69736873283$0-
T12-Espen KofstadE. Kofstad-4-4F71737268284$0-
T12-Ryan HallerR. Haller-4-4F72707468284$0-
T12-Josh YoungerJ. Younger-4-1F70707371284$0-
T12-Dustin JohnsonD. Johnson-4-6F69747566284$0-
T12-Soren HansenS. Hansen-4EF71697272284$0-
T12-James NittiesJ. Nitties-4+2F68736974284$0-
T18-Daniel PopovicD. Popovic-3-2F72746970285$0-
T18-Peter LawrieP. Lawrie-3-2F73707270285$0-
T18-Fabrizio ZanottiF. Zanotti-3-2F75687270285$0-
T18-David McKenzieD. McKenzie-3-1F75687171285$0-
T18-Gareth PaddisonG. Paddison-3-1F74697171285$0-
T18-Marcus FraserM. Fraser-3EF72707172285$0-
T18-Justin WaltersJ. Walters-3-5F76697367285$0-
T18-Oliver FisherO. Fisher-3EF72726972285$0-
T18-Bo Van PeltB. Van Pelt-3+1F70717173285$0-
T18-Michael HoeyM. Hoey-3+2F73696974285$0-
T28-Craig LeeC. Lee-2-2F73717270286$0-
T28-Wade OrmsbyW. Ormsby-2-2F73727170286$0-
T28-Alexandre KalekaA. Kaleka-2-1F74697271286$0-
T28-Nick O'HernN. O'Hern-2EF69737272286$0-
T28-Nick CullenN. Cullen-2+1F69737173286$0-
T28-Jason ScrivenerJ. Scrivener-2+4F75676876286$0-
T34-Rohan BlizardR. Blizard-1-1F70747271287$0-
T34-Adam BlandA. Bland-1-2F72727370287$0-
T36-Mark BrownM. BrownEEF70727472288$0-
T36-Scott HenryS. HenryEEF74727072288$0-
T36-Chris CampbellC. CampbellE+1F71717373288$0-
T36-Christopher DoakC. DoakE-1F72737271288$0-
T36-Rich BlandR. BlandE-2F75717270288$0-
T36-Gregory HavretG. HavretE-3F73737369288$0-
T36-Richard McEvoyR. McEvoyE-3F76707369288$0-
T43-Paul SpargoP. Spargo+1+1F72717373289$0-
T43-Branden GraceB. Grace+1+2F73736974289$0-
T43-Soren KjeldsenS. Kjeldsen+1EF76687372289$0-
T43-Steven JonesS. Jones+1EF74727172289$0-
T43-Troy CoxT. Cox+1EF75707272289$0-
T43-Tom BondT. Bond+1-1F71737471289$0-
T43-James MorrisonJ. Morrison+1-1F73727371289$0-
50-Steve DartnallS. Dartnall+2+1F74717273290$0-
T51-Mikko KorhonenM. Korhonen+3+3F73717275291$0-
T51-James McLeanJ. McLean+3+2F76687374291$0-
T51-David BransdonD. Bransdon+3+1F71737473291$0-
T51-John WadeJ. Wade+3-1F76707471291$0-
T51-Mark TulloM. Tullo+3-2F75717570291$0-
T56-Clint RiceC. Rice+4+5F68727577292$0-
T56-Sam LittleS. Little+4+5F69757177292$0-
T56-David HigginsD. Higgins+4+1F73727473292$0-
T56-Craig ParryC. Parry+4EF72747472292$0-
T56-Anthony BrownA. Brown+4-1F70757671292$0-
T56-David DrysdaleD. Drysdale+4-1F72747571292$0-
T62-Ross McGowanR. McGowan+5+4F71727476293$0-
T62-Bjorn AkessonB. Akesson+5-2F69777770293$0-
64-Steven JeffressS. Jeffress+6+2F76707474294$0-
T65-Peter WilsonP. Wilson+7+7F72717379295$0-
T65-Simon WakefieldS. Wakefield+7+9F72746881295$0-
T67-Leigh McKechnieL. McKechnie+8+6F74727278296$0-
T67-Peter CookeP. Cooke+8+5F72737477296$0-
69-Neven BasicN. Basic+14+6F72747878302$0-
--Matthew GriffinM. GriffinCUT---7374----147$0-
--Jose Manuel LaraJ. Manuel LaraCUT---7374----147$0-
--Ashley HallA. HallCUT---7275----147$0-
--Robert ColesR. ColesCUT---7077----147$0-
--Daniel FoxD. FoxCUT---7572----147$0-
--Paul CaseyP. CaseyCUT---7671----147$0-
--Brett RankinB. RankinCUT---7176----147$0-
--James KingstonJ. KingstonCUT---7473----147$0-
--Andrew MartinA. MartinCUT---7473----147$0-
--Adam CrawfordA. CrawfordCUT---7572----147$0-
--Alexander LevyA. LevyCUT---7473----147$0-
--Thomas PeterssonT. PeterssonCUT---7077----147$0-
--Michael MooreM. MooreCUT---7869----147$0-
--Matthew BallardM. BallardCUT---7572----147$0-
--Nathan HolmanN. HolmanCUT---7573----148$0-
--Brady WattB. WattCUT---6979----148$0-
--Nathan GreenN. GreenCUT---7672----148$0-
--Josh GearyJ. GearyCUT---7870----148$0-
--Jack WilsonJ. WilsonCUT---7573----148$0-
--Ryan FoxR. FoxCUT---7474----148$0-
--Anthony SummersA. SummersCUT---7573----148$0-
--Gary LockerbieG. LockerbieCUT---7474----148$0-
--Kalem RichardsonK. RichardsonCUT---7870----148$0-
--Lasse JensenL. JensenCUT---7771----148$0-
--Kristopher MueckK. MueckCUT---7573----148$0-
--Michael JonzonM. JonzonCUT---7375----148$0-
--Brad LambB. LambCUT---7276----148$0-
--Matt JagerM. JagerCUT---7474----148$0-
--Andrew KellyA. KellyCUT---7474----148$0-
--Tjaart van der WaltT. van der WaltCUT---7573----148$0-
--Jason NorrisJ. NorrisCUT---7871----149$0-
--Peter FowlerP. FowlerCUT---7772----149$0-
--Matthew StiegerM. StiegerCUT---7574----149$0-
--Anthony SnobeckA. SnobeckCUT---7376----149$0-
--Michael WrightM. WrightCUT---7673----149$0-
--Peter O'MalleyP. O'MalleyCUT---7376----149$0-
--Matthew MillarM. MillarCUT---7475----149$0-
--Kieran PrattK. PrattCUT---7970----149$0-
--Brandon StoneB. StoneCUT---7772----149$0-
--Craig HancockC. HancockCUT---7574----149$0-
--Rikard KarlbergR. KarlbergCUT---7673----149$0-
--Marcus CainM. CainCUT---7574----149$0-
--Andrew BuckleA. BuckleCUT---7476----150$0-
--Stephen LeaneyS. LeaneyCUT---7476----150$0-
--Johan EdforsJ. EdforsCUT---7377----150$0-
--Oscar FlorenO. FlorenCUT---7575----150$0-
--Tim WoodT. WoodCUT---7575----150$0-
--Scott LaycockS. LaycockCUT---7773----150$0-
--Michael SimM. SimCUT---7674----150$0-
--Chris PaisleyC. PaisleyCUT---7773----150$0-
--Matthew GuyattM. GuyattCUT---7477----151$0-
--Andrew DodtA. DodtCUT---7873----151$0-
--Michael FosterM. FosterCUT---7675----151$0-
--Peter LonardP. LonardCUT---7378----151$0-
--Andre StolzA. StolzCUT---7576----151$0-
--Mahal PearceM. PearceCUT---7873----151$0-
--Alistair PresnellA. PresnellCUT---7676----152$0-
--Andreas HartA. HartCUT---7775----152$0-
--Ryan LynchR. LynchCUT---7874----152$0-
--Rika BatibasagaR. BatibasagaCUT---7776----153$0-
--Kim FeltonK. FeltonCUT---7875----153$0-
--Matthew NixonM. NixonCUT---7974----153$0-
--Alex KatholosA. KatholosCUT---7380----153$0-
--Peter ErofejeffP. ErofejeffCUT---7579----154$0-
--Brad ShiltonB. ShiltonCUT---7778----155$0-
--Lorenzo GagliL. GagliCUT---7877----155$0-
--Leigh DeaganL. DeaganCUT---7877----155$0-
--Joakim LagergrenJ. LagergrenCUT---8175----156$0-
--Rick KulaczR. KulaczCUT---8076----156$0-
--Mathew GogginM. GogginCUT---7978----157$0-
--Matteo DelpodioM. DelpodioCUT---7880----158$0-
--Gavin ReedG. ReedCUT---8177----158$0-
--Andrew TschudinA. TschudinCUT---8277----159$0-
--Dawie Van Der WaltD. Van Der WaltCUT---7882----160$0-
--Matthew GilesM. GilesCUT---8577----162$0-


Woods' dominance sidelined by injury

Mitch Albom explains why Tiger Woods' absence from the PGA Tour has opened doors for the likes of Jordan Spieth, Jason Day and Dustin Johnson among others.


Kevin Maguire Golf 

With Jhonattan Vegas' RBC Canadian Open win, he earned his way into the PGA Championship, which starts Thursday at Baltusrol outside New York City. Those who didn't get in to the year's final major ... yet? Here's the list of alternates provided by the PGA of America: 1. Alex Cejka 2. Scott Brown 3. Brian Harman 4. Spencer Levin 5. Jason Gore 6. Sean O'Hair 7. Patrick Rodgers 8. Chad Campbell Interesting (maybe only to me) to note they didn't go down to the ninth alternate, this being the 25th anniversary of John Daly's PGA Championship victory in 1991 at Crooked Stick.

Jason Sobel @JasonSobelESPN

Steve Wheatcroft is the epitome of a guy who's grinded for everything in his career. Almost quit the game last year. Hate to see that.

Bucci Mane @Buccigross

Brandt Snedeker and Dustin Johnson are at the top of the leaderboard, but so is Canadian amateur Jared du Toit

How Nicklaus' legend grew at Baltusrol

A giant needs a worthy stage. Baltusrol was just that for Jack Nicklaus in two of his greatest triumphs. Echoes of past legends

Ron Antonelli/NY Daily News Archive/Getty Images

Kevin Maguire Golf 

Think there might be a little pressure on Jared du Toit on Sunday? Not only is he playing in the final pairing in the final round of his first PGA Tour start, he's a shot off Brandt Snedeker's lead and in a tie for second with U.S. Open champ Dustin Johnson. Oh, and it's du Toit's national open (the RBC Canadian Open) and no Canadian has won the tournament since 1954. Did I mention he's still an amateur? Kids today. No fear.

Michael Collins ESPN Senior Writer 

Amateur Jared du Toit is trying to be only the second Canadian born player to win the RBC Canadian Open. Karl Keffer was the first. He won twice in 1909 and 1914.