Preferred Health Systems Wichita Open

  • August 2 - 5, 2007
  • Crestview Country Club
  • Par 71
    Yards 6,913
  • Purse $500,000
    2007 Champion Brad Elder


1-Brad ElderB. Elder-19-6F65647165265$0-
2-Fabian GomezF. Gomez-15-6F71666765269$0-
T3-David HearnD. Hearn-14-4F68657067270$0-
T3-Stephen GangluffS. Gangluff-14-4F66706767270$0-
T3-Miguel Angel CarballoM. Angel Carballo-14-4F70656867270$0-
T3-Vance VeazeyV. Veazey-14-1F66666870270$0-
T7-Kris BlanksK. Blanks-13-4F67706767271$0-
T7-Keoke CotnerK. Cotner-13-3F70676668271$0-
T7-Jeff KlaukJ. Klauk-13-2F67647169271$0-
T7-Martin LairdM. Laird-13-2F65686969271$0-
T7-Bradley HughesB. Hughes-13EF67627171271$0-
T7-David McKenzieD. McKenzie-13EF65676871271$0-
T13-Andrew DresserA. Dresser-12-5F69667166272$0-
T13-Justin HicksJ. Hicks-12-4F67696967272$0-
T13-Jason DayJ. Day-12-2F66686969272$0-
T13-Aaron WatkinsA. Watkins-12-2F69686669272$0-
T13-Rich MorrisR. Morris-12EF70676471272$0-
T13-Michael WaltonM. Walton-12+2F67666673272$0-
T19-Chris BarylaC. Baryla-11-3F69657168273$0-
T19-Garth MulroyG. Mulroy-11-2F68657169273$0-
T19-Deane PappasD. Pappas-11-2F68686869273$0-
T19-Justin SmithJ. Smith-11-1F66657270273$0-
T19-Jason EnloeJ. Enloe-11-1F65687070273$0-
T19-Scott GardinerS. Gardiner-11+2F67666773273$0-
T25-Erik ComptonE. Compton-10-4F67687267274$0-
T25-Troy KellyT. Kelly-10-4F65717167274$0-
T25-Andy MorseA. Morse-10-3F68696968274$0-
T25-Peter JordanP. Jordan-10-1F70647070274$0-
T25-Marc LeishmanM. Leishman-10+2F70636873274$0-
T30-Keith NolanK. Nolan-9-3F68687168275$0-
T30-Ben BatesB. Bates-9-2F67657469275$0-
T30-Mike LaveryM. Lavery-9-2F70676969275$0-
T30-Jin ParkJ. Park-9EF68657171275$0-
T30-Jon MillsJ. Mills-9EF66706871275$0-
T35-Mario TizianiM. Tiziani-8-3F67687368276$0-
T35-Mike SposaM. Sposa-8-2F65707269276$0-
T35-Brenden PappasB. Pappas-8-1F69686970276$0-
T35-Rick PriceR. Price-8+1F71656872276$0-
T35-Nicholas ThompsonN. Thompson-8+2F62697273276$0-
T35-Ryan HietalaR. Hietala-8+4F64686975276$0-
T41-Aron PriceA. Price-7-4F68647867277$0-
T41-John MorseJ. Morse-7-4F69677467277$0-
T41-Greg ChalmersG. Chalmers-7EF65717071277$0-
T41-Ryan BacaR. Baca-7EF69677071277$0-
T41-Brock MackenzieB. Mackenzie-7EF69686971277$0-
T41-Michael LetzigM. Letzig-7+1F67677172277$0-
T41-Mark WalkerM. Walker-7+4F65677075277$0-
T48-Chris AndersonC. Anderson-6-2F65697569278$0-
T48-D.A. PointsD.A. Points-6-2F69687269278$0-
T48-Jamie BroceJ. Broce-6-1F64737170278$0-
T48-Garrett CleggG. Clegg-6EF68697071278$0-
T48-Pat BatesP. Bates-6+1F66697172278$0-
T48-Marc TurnesaM. Turnesa-6+3F66696974278$0-
T54-Fran QuinnF. Quinn-5-3F70677468279$0-
T54-Ron WhittakerR. Whittaker-5EF69657471279$0-
T54-Nick MalinowskiN. Malinowski-5EF68697171279$0-
T54-Arjun AtwalA. Atwal-5+2F66687273279$0-
T54-Brad OttB. Ott-5+2F71647173279$0-
T54-Danny BriggsD. Briggs-5+2F69686973279$0-
T54-Trevor DoddsT. Dodds-5+3F69686874279$0-
T61-Steve CollinsS. Collins-4+1F72657172280$0-
T61-Daniel SummerhaysD. Summerhays-4+2F70677073280$0-
T61-Brett BinghamB. Bingham-4+3F68687074280$0-
T61-Tommy TollesT. Tolles-4+4F65707075280$0-
T65-David OgrinD. Ogrin-3-3F70667768281$0-
T65-Michael SimsM. Sims-3+4F68696975281$0-
T67-Tim WeinhartT. Weinhart-2EF67697571282$0-
T67-Curtis MalmC. Malm-2+3F68687274282$0-
69-Jason HillJ. Hill-1+3F66717274283$0-
70-Glen HnatiukG. HnatiukE-3F70677968284$0-
--Michael LongM. LongCUT---6870----138$0-
--Patrick SheehanP. SheehanCUT---6969----138$0-
--Franklin LanghamF. LanghamCUT---6771----138$0-
--Scott WeatherlyS. WeatherlyCUT---6771----138$0-
--Chris NallenC. NallenCUT---6672----138$0-
--Lee WilliamsL. WilliamsCUT---7068----138$0-
--Adam MeyerA. MeyerCUT---7068----138$0-
--Dustin BrayD. BrayCUT---7068----138$0-
--Steven BowditchS. BowditchCUT---7167----138$0-
--Camilo BenedettiC. BenedettiCUT---6771----138$0-
--Henrik BjornstadH. BjornstadCUT---7167----138$0-
--Tim WilkinsonT. WilkinsonCUT---6771----138$0-
--Rob OppenheimR. OppenheimCUT---7068----138$0-
--Scott AbbottS. AbbottCUT---7167----138$0-
--Chris ThompsonC. ThompsonCUT---6870----138$0-
--Hunter HaasH. HaasCUT---7068----138$0-
--John HumphriesJ. HumphriesCUT---6870----138$0-
--Tim FlemingT. FlemingCUT---7068----138$0-
--Brad FritschB. FritschCUT---6870----138$0-
--Emlyn AubreyE. AubreyCUT---6672----138$0-
--Mike HeinenM. HeinenCUT---6969----138$0-
--Brian VraneshB. VraneshCUT---7068----138$0-
--Steve PleisS. PleisCUT---7068----138$0-
--Jeremy AndersonJ. AndersonCUT---7167----138$0-
--Ramon BescansaR. BescansaCUT---7068----138$0-
--Timothy O'NealT. O'NealCUT---7168----139$0-
--Josh BroadawayJ. BroadawayCUT---7267----139$0-
--Will CollinsW. CollinsCUT---6970----139$0-
--Franklin HatchettF. HatchettCUT---7069----139$0-
--Ryan VermeerR. VermeerCUT---7069----139$0-
--Matt JonesM. JonesCUT---7069----139$0-
--Jason AllredJ. AllredCUT---6970----139$0-
--Richard SwiftR. SwiftCUT---6772----139$0-
--Edward LoarE. LoarCUT---7069----139$0-
--Blake AdamsB. AdamsCUT---6970----139$0-
--Dan OlsenD. OlsenCUT---7168----139$0-
--Jeff WoodJ. WoodCUT---7069----139$0-
--Jesse MuellerJ. MuellerCUT---6871----139$0-
--David MathisD. MathisCUT---6772----139$0-
--Brad WeesnerB. WeesnerCUT---7267----139$0-
--Thomas AikenT. AikenCUT---7070----140$0-
--Ted F. SmithT. F. SmithCUT---6872----140$0-
--Bryn ParryB. ParryCUT---7070----140$0-
--Jimmy WalkerJ. WalkerCUT---7268----140$0-
--Kenneth StatonK. StatonCUT---6971----140$0-
--Tom CarterT. CarterCUT---6872----140$0-
--Josh WilliamsJ. WilliamsCUT---7367----140$0-
--Mike WendlingM. WendlingCUT---7367----140$0-
--Kim FeltonK. FeltonCUT---7269----141$0-
--Scott PetersenS. PetersenCUT---6972----141$0-
--Boyd SummerhaysB. SummerhaysCUT---7071----141$0-
--Jay ReynoldsJ. ReynoldsCUT---7269----141$0-
--Ronnie BlackR. BlackCUT---7071----141$0-
--Jon TurcottJ. TurcottCUT---7170----141$0-
--Peter TomasuloP. TomasuloCUT---7170----141$0-
--Kevin JohnsonK. JohnsonCUT---6972----141$0-
--Chris BotsfordC. BotsfordCUT---6972----141$0-
--Mark WiebeM. WiebeCUT---7072----142$0-
--Dave RummellsD. RummellsCUT---7270----142$0-
--Kevin DurkinK. DurkinCUT---7270----142$0-
--Brad SutterfieldB. SutterfieldCUT---7072----142$0-
--Tyler WilliamsonT. WilliamsonCUT---7072----142$0-
--Brian UnkB. UnkCUT---7369----142$0-
--Joe DaleyJ. DaleyCUT---7270----142$0-
--Zoran ZorkicZ. ZorkicCUT---7271----143$0-
--Jeff GallagherJ. GallagherCUT---7370----143$0-
--Michael Clark IIM. Clark IICUT---7172----143$0-
--Lee WilliamsonL. WilliamsonCUT---7271----143$0-
--Joel KribelJ. KribelCUT---7272----144$0-
--Chez ReavieC. ReavieCUT---7668----144$0-
--Esteban ToledoE. ToledoCUT---7372----145$0-
--Adam RubinsonA. RubinsonCUT---7570----145$0-
--Matt WeibringM. WeibringCUT---7372----145$0-
--Eric BookerE. BookerCUT---7967----146$0-
--Sal SpalloneS. SpalloneCUT---7274----146$0-
--Steve SchneiterS. SchneiterCUT---8165----146$0-
--Tim GravesT. GravesCUT---7671----147$0-
--Sam RandolphS. RandolphCUT---7474----148$0-
--Nolan HenkeN. HenkeCUT---7475----149$0-
--Warren PineoW. PineoCUT---7377----150$0-
--Todd BarrangerT. BarrangerCUT---7477----151$0-
--Greg BrayG. BrayCUT---7678----154$0-
--Christopher IchelsonC. IchelsonCUT---7780----157$0-
--John RieggerJ. RieggerWD---724----72$0-
--Sean MurphyS. MurphyDNS-------------$0-
--P.H. Horgan IIIP.H. Horgan IIIDNS-------------$0-


Woods' dominance sidelined by injury

Mitch Albom explains why Tiger Woods' absence from the PGA Tour has opened doors for the likes of Jordan Spieth, Jason Day and Dustin Johnson among others.


Kevin Maguire Golf 

With Jhonattan Vegas' RBC Canadian Open win, he earned his way into the PGA Championship, which starts Thursday at Baltusrol outside New York City. Those who didn't get in to the year's final major ... yet? Here's the list of alternates provided by the PGA of America: 1. Alex Cejka 2. Scott Brown 3. Brian Harman 4. Spencer Levin 5. Jason Gore 6. Sean O'Hair 7. Patrick Rodgers 8. Chad Campbell Interesting (maybe only to me) to note they didn't go down to the ninth alternate, this being the 25th anniversary of John Daly's PGA Championship victory in 1991 at Crooked Stick.

Jason Sobel @JasonSobelESPN

Steve Wheatcroft is the epitome of a guy who's grinded for everything in his career. Almost quit the game last year. Hate to see that.

Bucci Mane @Buccigross

Brandt Snedeker and Dustin Johnson are at the top of the leaderboard, but so is Canadian amateur Jared du Toit

How Nicklaus' legend grew at Baltusrol

A giant needs a worthy stage. Baltusrol was just that for Jack Nicklaus in two of his greatest triumphs. Echoes of past legends

Ron Antonelli/NY Daily News Archive/Getty Images

Kevin Maguire Golf 

Think there might be a little pressure on Jared du Toit on Sunday? Not only is he playing in the final pairing in the final round of his first PGA Tour start, he's a shot off Brandt Snedeker's lead and in a tie for second with U.S. Open champ Dustin Johnson. Oh, and it's du Toit's national open (the RBC Canadian Open) and no Canadian has won the tournament since 1954. Did I mention he's still an amateur? Kids today. No fear.

Michael Collins ESPN Senior Writer 

Amateur Jared du Toit is trying to be only the second Canadian born player to win the RBC Canadian Open. Karl Keffer was the first. He won twice in 1909 and 1914.