Nationwide Children's Invitational

  • July 24 - 27, 2008
  • Scarlet Course
  • Par 71
    Yards 7,141
  • Purse $750,000
    2008 Champion Bill Lunde


1-Bill LundeB. Lunde-5+2F67726773279$135,000.00-
2-Dustin BrayD. Bray-4-2F69707269280$81,000.00-
T3-Tommy TollesT. Tolles-3-2F69707369281$39,000.00-
T3-Skip KendallS. Kendall-3EF72726671281$39,000.00-
T3-Brendon de JongeB. de Jonge-3+2F70696973281$39,000.00-
T6-Sihwan KimS. Kim-2-2F72717069282$0-
T6-Michael PutnamM. Putnam-2-1F69727170282$22,688.00-
T6-Alex PrughA. Prugh-2-1F72726870282$22,688.00-
T6-Garth MulroyG. Mulroy-2EF71736771282$22,688.00-
T6-Peter TomasuloP. Tomasulo-2+2F70677273282$22,688.00-
T6-Scott GardinerS. Gardiner-2+4F68716875282$22,688.00-
T6-Josh BroadawayJ. Broadaway-2+4F74666775282$22,688.00-
T13-Keith NolanK. Nolan-1-2F71717269283$15,188.00-
T13-Oskar BergmanO. Bergman-1EF70727071283$15,188.00-
T13-Steve WheatcroftS. Wheatcroft-1EF73706971283$15,188.00-
T13-Darron StilesD. Stiles-1+2F69726973283$15,188.00-
T17-Matt WeibringM. WeibringE-1F71717270284$10,181.00-
T17-Rich BarceloR. BarceloEEF68707571284$10,181.00-
T17-Jason SchultzJ. SchultzEEF71687471284$10,181.00-
T17-Geoffrey SiskG. SiskEEF69727271284$10,181.00-
T17-Kris BlanksK. BlanksE+1F71717072284$10,181.00-
T17-Bradley IlesB. IlesE+3F73667174284$10,181.00-
T17-Stephen GangluffS. GangluffE+3F72716774284$10,181.00-
T17-Blake AdamsB. AdamsE+3F72726674284$10,181.00-
T25-Marc LeishmanM. Leishman+1EF68747271285$6,200.00-
T25-Jim HermanJ. Herman+1EF74697171285$6,200.00-
T25-J.J. KilleenJ.J. Killeen+1EF72727071285$6,200.00-
T25-David McKenzieD. McKenzie+1+1F71736972285$6,200.00-
T25-Phil TataurangiP. Tataurangi+1+2F68717373285$6,200.00-
T25-Bob MayB. May+1+5F69736776285$6,200.00-
T31-Tripp IsenhourT. Isenhour+2-1F72737170286$4,500.00-
T31-Joe DaleyJ. Daley+2+1F71717272286$4,500.00-
T31-Grant WaiteG. Waite+2+1F71717272286$4,500.00-
T31-Spencer LevinS. Levin+2+2F69747073286$4,500.00-
T31-Brendon ToddB. Todd+2+3F69697474286$4,500.00-
T31-Randy LeenR. Leen+2+3F71707174286$4,500.00-
T31-Casey WittenbergC. Wittenberg+2+3F71717074286$4,500.00-
T31-Bryce MolderB. Molder+2+3F67757074286$4,500.00-
T31-Jonas BlixtJ. Blixt+2+4F68717275286$4,500.00-
T40-Kevin ChappellK. Chappell+3EF76687271287$3,525.00-
T40-Hunter HaasH. Haas+3+1F71717372287$3,525.00-
T40-Rickie FowlerR. Fowler+3+1F72737072287$0-
T40-Camilo BenedettiC. Benedetti+3+3F71727074287$3,525.00-
T40-Greg ChalmersG. Chalmers+3+3F70737074287$3,525.00-
T45-Jon TurcottJ. Turcott+4-2F74697669288$2,836.00-
T45-Paul GowP. Gow+4EF71747271288$2,836.00-
T45-Chris TidlandC. Tidland+4+1F69707772288$2,836.00-
T45-Scott PiercyS. Piercy+4+1F74717172288$2,836.00-
T45-Kelly GrunewaldK. Grunewald+4+2F67737573288$2,836.00-
T45-Rory HieR. Hie+4+3F69747174288$0-
T45-Bubba DickersonB. Dickerson+4+4F68737275288$2,836.00-
T45-Brian StuardB. Stuard+4+4F73697175288$2,836.00-
T45-Steve PateS. Pate+4+5F69766776288$2,836.00-
T54-Ben BatesB. Bates+5-1F71747470289$2,494.00-
T54-Gabriel HjertstedtG. Hjertstedt+5EF73727371289$2,494.00-
T54-Dave SchultzD. Schultz+5+2F67757473289$2,494.00-
T54-Michael BoydM. Boyd+5+2F73727173289$2,494.00-
T54-Chris AndersonC. Anderson+5+3F72717274289$2,494.00-
T54-Roger TambelliniR. Tambellini+5+6F71717077289$2,494.00-
T60-B.J. StatenB.J. Staten+6+1F74717372290$2,250.00-
T60-Colt KnostC. Knost+6+2F76697273290$2,250.00-
T60-Scott GutschewskiS. Gutschewski+6+3F76687274290$2,250.00-
T60-Zoran ZorkicZ. Zorkic+6+3F75707174290$2,250.00-
T60-Jarrod LyleJ. Lyle+6+5F74716976290$2,250.00-
T60-Brendan SteeleB. Steele+6+6F71746877290$2,250.00-
T60-Chris NallenC. Nallen+6+7F72707078290$2,250.00-
T67-Esteban ToledoE. Toledo+7+2F74717373291$2,081.00-
T67-Chris SmithC. Smith+7+5F72727176291$2,081.00-
69-Jamie LovemarkJ. Lovemark+8+5F72727276292$0-
T70-Bret GuetzB. Guetz+9+1F70757672293$1,969.00-
T70-Matt BettencourtM. Bettencourt+9+3F70737674293$1,969.00-
T70-Chris KirkC. Kirk+9+3F70737674293$1,969.00-
T70-Won LeeW. Lee+9+4F68727875293$1,969.00-
74-Tom JohnsonT. Johnson+10+6F71747277294$1,875.00-
75-Zach DoranZ. Doran+12+9F71707580296$1,838.00-
76-Ryan HowisonR. Howison+13+3F73717974297$1,800.00-
77-Reid EdstromR. Edstrom+14+8F72737479298$1,762.00-
--Miguel Angel CarballoM. Angel CarballoCUT---7571----146$0-
--Ryan HietalaR. HietalaCUT---7373----146$0-
--Jonathan FrickeJ. FrickeCUT---7175----146$0-
--Niklas LemkeN. LemkeCUT---7571----146$0-
--Daniel SummerhaysD. SummerhaysCUT---7472----146$0-
--Arjun AtwalA. AtwalCUT---7670----146$0-
--Jeff BrehautJ. BrehautCUT---7472----146$0-
--David MathisD. MathisCUT---7472----146$0-
--Scott DunlapS. DunlapCUT---7472----146$0-
--Keoke CotnerK. CotnerCUT---7275----147$0-
--Kim FeltonK. FeltonCUT---7374----147$0-
--Chad GinnC. GinnCUT---7671----147$0-
--Scott ParelS. ParelCUT---7473----147$0-
--Brock MackenzieB. MackenzieCUT---7275----147$0-
--Todd FischerT. FischerCUT---7176----147$0-
--Doug BarronD. BarronCUT---7176----147$0-
--Greg OwenG. OwenCUT---7275----147$0-
--Kyle ReifersK. ReifersCUT---7077----147$0-
--Spike McRoyS. McRoyCUT---7671----147$0-
--Garrett OsbornG. OsbornCUT---7177----148$0-
--Chris ThompsonC. ThompsonCUT---7771----148$0-
--Garrett WillisG. WillisCUT---7375----148$0-
--Tom CarterT. CarterCUT---7474----148$0-
--Jeff GallagherJ. GallagherCUT---7375----148$0-
--Steve DartnallS. DartnallCUT---7375----148$0-
--Rick PriceR. PriceCUT---7276----148$0-
--Chris ParraC. ParraCUT---7672----148$0-
--Andy ChoiA. ChoiCUT---7276----148$0-
--Sebastian FernandezS. FernandezCUT---7178----149$0-
--Henrik BjornstadH. BjornstadCUT---7475----149$0-
--Justin HicksJ. HicksCUT---7376----149$0-
--Aron PriceA. PriceCUT---7079----149$0-
--Tyler WilliamsonT. WilliamsonCUT---7673----149$0-
--Jeff KlaukJ. KlaukCUT---7475----149$0-
--Franklin LanghamF. LanghamCUT---7475----149$0-
--Fran QuinnF. QuinnCUT---7277----149$0-
--Michael ThompsonM. ThompsonCUT---7772----149$0-
--D.J. BrigmanD.J. BrigmanCUT---7574----149$0-
--Tom GillisT. GillisCUT---7475----149$0-
--D.A. PointsD.A. PointsCUT---7475----149$0-
--Nick MalinowskiN. MalinowskiCUT---7475----149$0-
--Gary ChristianG. ChristianCUT---7674----150$0-
--Jason CookJ. CookCUT---7476----150$0-
--Josh McCumberJ. McCumberCUT---7575----150$0-
--Ricky BarnesR. BarnesCUT---7872----150$0-
--Matt EveryM. EveryCUT---7674----150$0-
--Craig BowdenC. BowdenCUT---7278----150$0-
--David BranshawD. BranshawCUT---7872----150$0-
--Fabian GomezF. GomezCUT---7477----151$0-
--David MillerD. MillerCUT---7873----151$0-
--John KimbellJ. KimbellCUT---7675----151$0-
--Vance VeazeyV. VeazeyCUT---7576----151$0-
--James LoveJ. LoveCUT---7972----151$0-
--Jason EnloeJ. EnloeCUT---7774----151$0-
--Jeremy AndersonJ. AndersonCUT---7973----152$0-
--Wade OrmsbyW. OrmsbyCUT---7974----153$0-
--Mike HeinenM. HeinenCUT---7875----153$0-
--Cameron PercyC. PercyCUT---7974----153$0-
--Brent DelahoussayeB. DelahoussayeCUT---7579----154$0-
--Tee McCabeT. McCabeCUT---7777----154$0-
--Kris CoxK. CoxCUT---7579----154$0-
--Jack SteinickeJ. SteinickeCUT---8174----155$0-
--Ewan PorterE. PorterCUT---7680----156$0-
--Gibby Gilbert IIIG. Gilbert IIICUT---8274----156$0-
--Rob BradleyR. BradleyCUT---8076----156$0-
--Rich MorrisR. MorrisCUT---7978----157$0-
--Matt HansenM. HansenCUT---8380----163$0-


Kevin Maguire Golf 

How big has the "Beef" hype really been around England's Andrew Johnston? Actual conversation overheard a short time ago on the back nine at Baltusrol. "Is that Beef?" "Yup." "You sure?" "Listen." "Beeeeeeefffff." Yup, that was him.

Jason Sobel ESPN Senior Writer 

Happiest guys in the field are Kevin Kisner and Padraig Harrington, each of whom posted rounds of 65 before the weather delay.

Billy Horschel @BillyHo_Golf

Been a struggle the last few days. Just no momentum. Putts are burning edges and just not as sharp with my swing as I would like. One more

Jason Sobel ESPN Senior Writer 

From the PGA of America: "Play will be suspended for approximately one hour, and we'll keep you updated as to its progress..."

Jason Sobel ESPN Senior Writer 

And there goes the horn. Play has officially been suspended at the PGA Championship. It's only drizzling right now, but thunderstorms are expected. There's no telling yet whether this will be a lengthy delay or a short one. Will keep you posted.

Eric Lundsten ESPN Producer 

The weather horn just sounded at 214 PM at Baltusrol GC for the PGA Championship. Third round now in a weather delay.

Ian O'Connor ESPN Senior Writer 

Phil Mickelson is not going to win a second PGA Championship at Baltusrol, but he seemed pretty excited about the rest of the weekend anyway. After shooting 2-under 68 Saturday for a 1-under total, Lefty told TNT the following: "The golf course is susceptible to low scoring. I think somebody's going to break that major record of 63 these next two days. I think somebody's going to shoot 61 or (62)." And frankly, this relatively buzz-free major (so far) could use it.

Jason Sobel ESPN Senior Writer 

No problem on the par-4 second hole for the twosome of Daniel Summerhays and William McGirt. Summerhays just holed out for eagle and McGirt followed with birdie. A total of five strokes between the two players.

Jason Sobel ESPN Senior Writer 

How get-able is Baltusrol today? I could offer stats and facts to state the case -- or I could just tell you this: Phil Mickelson said he believes a 61 or 62 is out there. Nobody has ever shot better than 63 in major championship history.

Jason Sobel ESPN Senior Writer 

We are currently under a "Weather Warning" at the PGA Championship. What does that mean? Well, it's just a warning. Players are still on the golf course and still playing. But it obviously means there's some impending weather in the area. Thunderstorms are expected later today, and they're expected to be heavy at times. The PGA of America will attempt to get in as much golf as they can before then, but if there's a "dangerous situation" (i.e. lightning), they'll pull 'em off the course.

Michael Collins ESPN Senior Writer 

Weather warnings were posted around the golf course at 1:33pm EST. The blimp left and this is the radar picture of what's headed for Baltusrol GC.

Kevin Maguire Golf 

Michael Jordan didn't make an appearance here at the PGA Championship. His shoes, however, are another story, courtesy of Keegan Bradley.

Bob Harig ESPN Senior Writer 

There have already been 12 rounds posted under par today at Baltusrol during the third round of the PGA Championship, led by Padraig Harrington's 65 -- which suggests more good scoring is ahead. Phil Mickelson shot 68 and suggested a 62 or even a 61 is possible over the weekend. As Lefty so cruelly knows, no one has ever broken 63 in a major. He narrowly missed that score during the first round of The Open two weeks ago.

Bob Harig ESPN Senior Writer 

Rory McIlroy's missed cut at the PGA Championship was his first in 8 starts in the tournament but his second in a major this year, as he also missed at the U.S. Open. Out of 31 majors he has started as a pro, McIlroy has now missed six cuts; he also missed two in 2010. It is always unfair to compare to cut numbers to Tiger Woods, has missed just seven cuts in majors as a pro -- with three of them coming last year. But it does again point out Woods' remarkable record. Woods has played in 70 majors.

Moving Day at the PGA

Each of the first 10 players on the course today have finished at par or better. Leaderboard

Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

Majors merchandise plays by own rules

Unlike other sports, there are no team jerseys to buy in golf. Room to grow

Darren Rovell/

Mud balls reign at PGA Friday

Playing in softer conditions aren't all they're cracked up to be. Caddie Confidential

Mike Groll/AP Photo