Moonah Classic

  • February 26 - March 1, 2009
  • Moonah Links
  • Par 72
    Yards 6,783
  • Purse $700,000

Round 4 - Play Complete
Auto Update: On

1-Alistair PresnellA. Presnell-9-4F72677268279$0-
2-Peter O'MalleyP. O'Malley-8-2F68707270280$0-
3-Michael SimM. Sim-6-2F69677670282$0-
T4-Terry PilkadarisT. Pilkadaris-5-2F70677670283$0-
T4-Skip KendallS. Kendall-5-2F77676970283$0-
T4-Adam BlandA. Bland-5-1F71707171283$0-
T4-Daniel SummerhaysD. Summerhays-5EF68707372283$0-
T8-Phil TataurangiP. Tataurangi-4-3F73717169284$0-
T8-Paul SheehanP. Sheehan-4-1F73716971284$0-
T8-Martin PillerM. Piller-4-1F73716971284$0-
T8-Steve ConranS. Conran-4EF71677472284$0-
T8-David SmailD. Smail-4+2F71687174284$0-
T13-Ryan HallerR. Haller-3-3F73717269285$0-
T13-Fran QuinnF. Quinn-3-1F72677571285$0-
T13-Gareth PaddisonG. Paddison-3-1F74687271285$0-
T13-Dustin WhiteD. White-3+2F73667274285$0-
T13-Miguel Angel CarballoM. Angel Carballo-3+6F68687178285$0-
T18-Andrew TschudinA. Tschudin-2+1F71697373286$0-
T18-Hunter HaasH. Haas-2+2F68707474286$0-
T18-Alex PrughA. Prugh-2+2F73687174286$0-
T18-Richie GallichanR. Gallichan-2+5F71687077286$0-
T22-Jason EnloeJ. Enloe-1-1F71697671287$0-
T22-Kyle ReifersK. Reifers-1-1F69747371287$0-
T22-Steve FriesenS. Friesen-1EF75687272287$0-
T22-Steve DartnallS. Dartnall-1+1F72687473287$0-
T22-Brenden PappasB. Pappas-1+2F71697374287$0-
T22-Leigh McKechnieL. McKechnie-1+2F71727074287$0-
T22-Craig SpenceC. Spence-1+3F71736875287$0-
T29-Michael PutnamM. PutnamE-1F74677671288$0-
T29-Paul MarantzP. MarantzEEF72707472288$0-
T29-Mahal PearceM. PearceE+1F71717373288$0-
T29-Henrik BjornstadH. BjornstadE+1F73707273288$0-
T29-Doug LaBelle IID. LaBelle IIE+2F71707374288$0-
T29-Jeff BrehautJ. BrehautE+2F71697474288$0-
T29-Jim McGovernJ. McGovernE+3F73716975288$0-
T29-Stephen LeaneyS. LeaneyE+5F70707177288$0-
T37-Tim WiseT. Wise+1-3F76687669289$0-
T37-Gary ChristianG. Christian+1-1F72707671289$0-
T37-Andrew JohnsonA. Johnson+1-1F73717471289$0-
T37-Dustin RisdonD. Risdon+1EF72717472289$0-
T37-Trevor DoddsT. Dodds+1+1F71707573289$0-
T37-Geoffrey SiskG. Sisk+1+1F73697473289$0-
T37-Andre StolzA. Stolz+1+1F72717373289$0-
T37-Matthew MillarM. Millar+1+2F73707274289$0-
T37-Jin ParkJ. Park+1+3F70727275289$0-
T37-Josh TeaterJ. Teater+1+4F69687676289$0-
T47-Jeff GallagherJ. Gallagher+2+1F71717573290$0-
T47-Cameron PercyC. Percy+2+1F72717473290$0-
T47-Ash HallA. Hall+2+2F73707374290$0-
T47-Rich BarceloR. Barcelo+2+4F72717176290$0-
T51-Chris GauntC. Gaunt+3+1F70717773291$0-
T51-Steven JonesS. Jones+3+1F70737573291$0-
T51-Andrew BonhommeA. Bonhomme+3+2F68747574291$0-
T51-David BranshawD. Branshaw+3+2F73717374291$0-
T51-Michael LongM. Long+3+3F72707475291$0-
T51-Justin HicksJ. Hicks+3+3F70727475291$0-
T51-Bret GuetzB. Guetz+3+3F74687475291$0-
T58-Jim RutledgeJ. Rutledge+4EF74707672292$0-
T58-Jamie ArnoldJ. Arnold+4+1F74667973292$0-
T58-Bob SowardsB. Sowards+4+3F71707675292$0-
T58-S.S. HongS.S. Hong+4+3F70717675292$0-
T58-Andrew BuckleA. Buckle+4+4F73667776292$0-
T58-Garth MulroyG. Mulroy+4+4F69737476292$0-
T64-Peter FowlerP. Fowler+5+2F74707574293$0-
T64-John KimbellJ. Kimbell+5+4F75697376293$0-
T66-Bubba DickersonB. Dickerson+7+6F69757378295$0-
T66-Jason NorrisJ. Norris+7+8F73687480295$0-
T68-Scott DunlapS. Dunlap+8+1F71737973296$0-
T68-Paul GowP. Gow+8+2F75697874296$0-
T68-Adam CrawfordA. Crawford+8+7F70717679296$0-
T71-Rodney BoothR. Booth+13+8F71717980301$0-
T71-Ewan PorterE. Porter+13+8F74697880301$0-
--Peter SeniorP. SeniorCUT---7471----145$0-
--Heath ReedH. ReedCUT---7273----145$0-
--Brad KennedyB. KennedyCUT---7570----145$0-
--Michael McGrathM. McGrathCUT---7570----145$0-
--Craig ScottC. ScottCUT---7273----145$0-
--Kyle ThompsonK. ThompsonCUT---7372----145$0-
--Steven JeffressS. JeffressCUT---7273----145$0-
--Tripp IsenhourT. IsenhourCUT---7273----145$0-
--Anthony SummersA. SummersCUT---7570----145$0-
--Steve WheatcroftS. WheatcroftCUT---7075----145$0-
--Chad CollinsC. CollinsCUT---7273----145$0-
--Michael BrennanM. BrennanCUT---7471----145$0-
--Ryan HietalaR. HietalaCUT---7274----146$0-
--Brad ElderB. ElderCUT---7571----146$0-
--Kevin JohnsonK. JohnsonCUT---7472----146$0-
--Craig BowdenC. BowdenCUT---7274----146$0-
--Brad LambB. LambCUT---7472----146$0-
--Josh GearyJ. GearyCUT---7373----146$0-
--Brian StuardB. StuardCUT---7472----146$0-
--Won LeeW. LeeCUT---7274----146$0-
--Terry PriceT. PriceCUT---7769----146$0-
--Andrew MartinA. MartinCUT---7670----146$0-
--J.J. KilleenJ.J. KilleenCUT---7373----146$0-
--Grant WaiteG. WaiteCUT---7571----146$0-
--Jon MillsJ. MillsCUT---7076----146$0-
--John RieggerJ. RieggerCUT---7671----147$0-
--Brennan WebbB. WebbCUT---7572----147$0-
--Vance VeazeyV. VeazeyCUT---7374----147$0-
--Steven AlkerS. AlkerCUT---7572----147$0-
--Jason KingJ. KingCUT---7374----147$0-
--Drew LaningD. LaningCUT---7572----147$0-
--Scott GardinerS. GardinerCUT---7770----147$0-
--Kim FeltonK. FeltonCUT---7374----147$0-
--Matt EveryM. EveryCUT---7473----147$0-
--D.J. BrigmanD.J. BrigmanCUT---7869----147$0-
--Anthony BrownA. BrownCUT---7374----147$0-
--Paul ClaxtonP. ClaxtonCUT---7572----147$0-
--Ryan HammondR. HammondCUT---7374----147$0-
--Shaun HarmerS. HarmerCUT---7770----147$0-
--Jeff GoveJ. GoveCUT---7474----148$0-
--Bradley HughesB. HughesCUT---7672----148$0-
--Kurt BarnesK. BarnesCUT---7474----148$0-
--Major ManningM. ManningCUT---7276----148$0-
--Joseph SykoraJ. SykoraCUT---7474----148$0-
--Bronson La'CassieB. La'CassieCUT---7276----148$0-
--Wayne PerskeW. PerskeCUT---7474----148$0-
--Joe DaleyJ. DaleyCUT---7474----148$0-
--Stuart BouvierS. BouvierCUT---7870----148$0-
--Jonas BlixtJ. BlixtCUT---7672----148$0-
--Bryan DeCorsoB. DeCorsoCUT---7475----149$0-
--Danny LeeD. LeeCUT---7475----149$0-
--Steven BowditchS. BowditchCUT---7772----149$0-
--Scott LaycockS. LaycockCUT---7772----149$0-
--Jim HermanJ. HermanCUT---7574----149$0-
--Seung-su HanS. HanCUT---7574----149$0-
--Tim WoodT. WoodCUT---7871----149$0-
--Michael WrightM. WrightCUT---7574----149$0-
--Ian LeggattI. LeggattCUT---7574----149$0-
--Garrett OsbornG. OsbornCUT---7475----149$0-
--Chad GinnC. GinnCUT---7575----150$0-
--Peter NolanP. NolanCUT---7476----150$0-
--Nick FlanaganN. FlanaganCUT---7575----150$0-
--Bob MayB. MayCUT---7575----150$0-
--Adam PorkerA. PorkerCUT---7674----150$0-
--Len MattiaceL. MattiaceCUT---7873----151$0-
--Craig ParryC. ParryCUT---7576----151$0-
--Mark PurserM. PurserCUT---7576----151$0-
--Aaron TownsendA. TownsendCUT---7477----151$0-
--Ryan ArmourR. ArmourCUT---7873----151$0-
--Ron WhittakerR. WhittakerCUT---7577----152$0-
--Tristan LambertT. LambertCUT---7478----152$0-
--Michael MooreM. MooreCUT---7874----152$0-
--Gavin ColesG. ColesCUT---7775----152$0-
--Peter WilsonP. WilsonCUT---7677----153$0-
--Matthew GriffinM. GriffinCUT---7875----153$0-
--David LutterusD. LutterusCUT---7380----153$0-
--David McKenzieD. McKenzieCUT---7776----153$0-
--Tee McCabeT. McCabeCUT---7876----154$0-
--Chris NallenC. NallenCUT---7579----154$0-
--Brad ShiltonB. ShiltonCUT---7580----155$0-
--Keith NolanK. NolanCUT---8273----155$0-
--Michael Clark IIM. Clark IICUT---8373----156$0-
--Andrew TampionA. TampionWD---7924----79$0-
--Bronson La'CassieB. La'CassieE-----------$0


Kevin Maguire Golf 

And the horn sounds at Baltusrol Golf Club with some threatening skies rolling in. Hope we don't get much more of this later this week for the 98th PGA Championship.

Eric Lundsten ESPN Producer 

They just sounded the weather warning horn at Baltusrol during PGA Championship practice. Either that - or someone spilled a bag of Skittles on my radar.

Kevin Maguire Golf 

The "feels like" temperature is supposed to rise above 100 degrees this afternoon here at Baltusrol, site of this week's 98th PGA Championship. Maybe that's why the likes of world No. 2 Dustin Johnson is getting his work in early on a Monday.

Kevin Maguire Golf 

That's one seriously consistent divot pattern from Jordan Spieth as he prepares for this week's 98th PGA Championship here at Baltusrol Golf Club.

Jason Sobel ESPN Senior Writer 

Here is the updated United States Ryder Cup points standings. The top eight on this list after The Barclays in four weeks will qualify for the team.

Woods' dominance sidelined by injury

Mitch Albom explains why Tiger Woods' absence from the PGA Tour has opened doors for the likes of Jordan Spieth, Jason Day and Dustin Johnson among others.


Kevin Maguire Golf 

With Jhonattan Vegas' RBC Canadian Open win, he earned his way into the PGA Championship, which starts Thursday at Baltusrol outside New York City. Those who didn't get in to the year's final major ... yet? Here's the list of alternates provided by the PGA of America: 1. Alex Cejka 2. Scott Brown 3. Brian Harman 4. Spencer Levin 5. Jason Gore 6. Sean O'Hair 7. Patrick Rodgers 8. Chad Campbell Interesting (maybe only to me) to note they didn't go down to the ninth alternate, this being the 25th anniversary of John Daly's PGA Championship victory in 1991 at Crooked Stick.

Jason Sobel @JasonSobelESPN

Steve Wheatcroft is the epitome of a guy who's grinded for everything in his career. Almost quit the game last year. Hate to see that.