Regions Charity Classic

  • May 14 - 16, 2010
  • Robert Trent Jones at Ross Bridge
  • Par 72
    Yards 7,525
  • Purse $1,700,000
    2010 Champion Dan Forsman


1-Dan ForsmanD. Forsman-20-6F686266196$255,000.00-
T2-Joe OzakiJ. Ozaki-17-6F686566199$136,000.00-
T2-Peter SeniorP. Senior-17-4F656668199$136,000.00-
4-David PeoplesD. Peoples-15-4F666768201$102,000.00-
T5-Jeff SlumanJ. Sluman-14-4F696568202$74,800.00-
T5-Bobby ClampettB. Clampett-14+1F656473202$74,800.00-
T7-Jay Don BlakeJ. Don Blake-13-5F686867203$49,640.00-
T7-Bob TwayB. Tway-13-4F686768203$49,640.00-
T7-Corey PavinC. Pavin-13-4F676868203$49,640.00-
T7-Lu Chien SoonL. Chien Soon-13-4F696668203$49,640.00-
T7-Joey SindelarJ. Sindelar-13-1F656771203$49,640.00-
T12-Andy BeanA. Bean-12-5F696867204$33,575.00-
T12-Gil MorganG. Morgan-12-5F686967204$33,575.00-
T12-Brad BryantB. Bryant-12-2F686670204$33,575.00-
T12-David EgerD. Eger-12-2F676770204$33,575.00-
T16-Trevor DoddsT. Dodds-11-4F677068205$26,392.00-
T16-Tom JenkinsT. Jenkins-11-4F677068205$26,392.00-
T16-Tim SimpsonT. Simpson-11-4F706768205$26,392.00-
T16-Bernhard LangerB. Langer-11-3F686869205$26,392.00-
T20-Keith ClearwaterK. Clearwater-10-5F706967206$18,991.00-
T20-Ronnie BlackR. Black-10-5F697067206$18,991.00-
T20-James MasonJ. Mason-10-3F696869206$18,991.00-
T20-Bruce VaughanB. Vaughan-10-2F686870206$18,991.00-
T20-Larry NelsonL. Nelson-10-1F676871206$18,991.00-
T20-Jodie MuddJ. Mudd-10-1F706571206$18,991.00-
T20-Tom KiteT. Kite-10EF676772206$18,991.00-
T27-Michael AllenM. Allen-9-4F677268207$14,450.00-
T27-Larry MizeL. Mize-9-4F687168207$14,450.00-
T27-Ben CrenshawB. Crenshaw-9-1F676971207$14,450.00-
T27-Hal SuttonH. Sutton-9-1F706671207$14,450.00-
T31-Ted SchulzT. Schulz-8-2F687070208$10,767.00-
T31-Fulton AllemF. Allem-8-2F677170208$10,767.00-
T31-Olin BrowneO. Browne-8-2F687070208$10,767.00-
T31-Bill GlassonB. Glasson-8-2F716770208$10,767.00-
T31-Blaine McCallisterB. McCallister-8-3F677269208$10,767.00-
T31-Fred FunkF. Funk-8-1F696871208$10,767.00-
T31-Tom PurtzerT. Purtzer-8-5F687367208$10,767.00-
T31-Hale IrwinH. Irwin-8EF686872208$10,767.00-
T31-Mike GoodesM. Goodes-8EF716572208$10,767.00-
T40-Mike ReidM. Reid-7-1F687071209$7,650.00-
T40-Chip BeckC. Beck-7-1F706871209$7,650.00-
T40-Kirk HanefeldK. Hanefeld-7-3F687269209$7,650.00-
T40-David FrostD. Frost-7+1F667073209$7,650.00-
T40-John CookJ. Cook-7-4F697268209$7,650.00-
T40-Eduardo RomeroE. Romero-7+1F676973209$7,650.00-
T40-Russ CochranR. Cochran-7+2F657074209$7,650.00-
T47-Keith FergusK. Fergus-6EF716772210$5,950.00-
T47-Sandy LyleS. Lyle-6-4F697368210$5,950.00-
T47-Jack FerenzJ. Ferenz-6-5F737067210$5,950.00-
T50-R.W. EaksR.W. Eaks-5EF667372211$4,930.00-
T50-Bobby WadkinsB. Wadkins-5-1F697171211$4,930.00-
T50-Bob GilderB. Gilder-5-2F707170211$4,930.00-
T53-Gary HallbergG. Hallberg-4-2F736970212$4,165.00-
T53-Bruce LietzkeB. Lietzke-4-3F746969212$4,165.00-
T55-Bruce FleisherB. Fleisher-3+2F716874213$3,655.00-
T55-Fuzzy ZoellerF. Zoeller-3EF717072213$3,655.00-
T55-Scott SimpsonS. Simpson-3-1F727071213$3,655.00-
T55-Wayne LeviW. Levi-3-2F707370213$3,655.00-
T59-John HarrisJ. Harris-2+1F707173214$3,145.00-
T59-Allen DoyleA. Doyle-2EF717172214$3,145.00-
T61-John RossJ. Ross-1+3F687275215$2,805.00-
T61-Peter JacobsenP. Jacobsen-1-4F747368215$2,805.00-
T63-Gene JonesG. JonesEEF747072216$2,465.00-
T63-Steve HaskinsS. HaskinsE-3F727569216$2,465.00-
65-Joe InmanJ. Inman+1EF766972217$2,210.00-
T66-Ron StreckR. Streck+2+2F707474218$1,955.00-
T66-Mark WiebeM. Wiebe+2+1F737273218$1,955.00-
68-Denis WatsonD. Watson+3+5F707277219$1,700.00-
69-Mike SmithM. Smith+4+3F707575220$1,598.00-
70-Leonard ThompsonL. Thompson+5+2F737474221$1,496.00-
71-Fred HoltonF. Holton+6EF757572222$1,394.00-
72-Mike McCulloughM. McCullough+7+2F757474223$1,292.00-
T73-Ken GreenK. Green+9+3F747675225$1,156.00-
T73-Jim DentJ. Dent+9+4F727776225$1,156.00-
75-Jim RoyJ. Roy+10+7F747379226$1,054.00-
76-Frank ShikleF. Shikle+11+1F777773227$986.00-
77-Rick SmallridgeR. Smallridge+15+8F727980231$918.00-
--Jim ColbertJ. ColbertWD---39------$0-


Michael Collins ESPN Senior Writer 

The PGA Championship is a par 70 but one of the unique features of the course is the finishing holes. Back to back par fives!

Bucci Mane @Buccigross

Rory McIlroy: could join Bobby Jones, Jack Nicklaus and Tiger Woods as the only players to win 5 majors before turning 30

Day: I'm kind of running on E right now

Jason Day admits he did not get much sleep after his wife Ellie's medical scare and subsequent trip to the hospital from an allergic reaction to seafood.


Michael Collins ESPN Senior Writer 

Jason Day makes his first birdie of this year's PGA Championship at the 11th hole (his second hole of the day) now one shot back of the lead

Michael Collins ESPN Senior Writer 

No wind means good scoring even in high humidity. Five guys tied at -2 early including Rickie Fowler who's thru five holes. Fowler started with a bogey on the 10th hole but birdied three of his next four to get a piece of the lead.

Michael Collins ESPN Senior Writer 

Betting favorite Rory McIlroy starts his day with a par on the first. Perfect tee shot, approach shot to 10', but misses birdie putt.

Michael Collins ESPN Senior Writer 

Phil Mickelson is not so fortunate on his first hole of the day. Playing the 10th with Jason Day and Rory McIlroy, Mickelson finds the left rough off the tee, then hits in the front right greenside bunker. Phil hits a good bunker shot to 7'6" but misses the par putt.

Michael Collins ESPN Senior Writer 

Starting on the 10th hole, world #1 Jason Day goes; fairway, green, two putt to start his PGA Championship off with a par.

Michael Collins ESPN Senior Writer 

Apparently it's match a caddie day at the PGA Championship!! Caddie Rusty Stark (PGA Tour pro Roberto Castro) said if he goes down I'll get the call from the bullpen.

Bob Harig ESPN Senior Writer 

The PGA Championship is being contested outside of August for the first time since 1971 when Jack Nicklaus won at PGA National; the event moved to February that year. This is also the first time 2 majors are being played in the same month since 1968 when The Open and PGA were in consecutive weeks.

Darren Rovell ESPN Senior Writer 

Sponsorship match in heaven

Michael Collins ESPN Senior Writer 

There are two levels of the driving range at Baltusrol both occupied by pros preparing for their first round at the PGA Championship. The quest for the years' final major begins here!!!

Michael Collins ESPN Senior Writer 

Jason Day and Phil Mickelson are on the putting green while Rory McIlroy chips near the driving range as their tee times approach! The PGA Championship is underway at Baltusrol!!

Michael Collins ESPN Senior Writer 

Historic moment as Wyatt Worthington II becomes only the second African American PGA Professional club pro to play in the PGA Championship. Playing in the first group of the day, starting on the 10th hole, Wyatt hits a 300 yard drive to the left side of the fairway. His second shot from 154 yards away finds the green where he then two putts for par. Tom Woodard, the first African American PGA Professional to play in the PGA Championship in 1991 has been onsite spending time with Worthington since Tuesday of this week.

What awaits at 98th PGA Championship?

The lightning-fast turnaround to another major has thrown everyone in golf off-kilter. But will it have an effect inside the ropes? Depends on whom you ask. Deepest field of any of the majors

Drew Hallowell/Getty Images

Eric Lundsten ESPN Producer 

Jordan Spieth celebrated his 23rd birthday with a practice nine in the afternoon sizzle of Baltusrol GC. I wonder what we wants for a present this week?