What Masters title means for Scott

With his playoff victory on Sunday, Adam Scott won his first major championship and Australia's first green jacket. What will we remember most from the 2013 Masters? And what kept Tiger from his 15th major title?

Our experts tackle these topics and more following a thrilling weekend at the Masters.

1. What does this win mean for Adam Scott's career?

Paul Azinger, ESPN.com TV analyst: I think it puts losing the Open Championship in 2012 behind him. The sky now seems to be limit for Scott. He's truly an amazing player.

Farrell Evans, ESPN.com senior golf writer: It means that he is the fourth player in six majors to win with an anchored putter. This win just puts more scrutiny on this very divisive issue. For Scott, personally, it means he is off that list of great players without a major.

Bob Harig, ESPN.com senior golf writer: Everything. It gets that major championship monkey off his back. Greg Norman suggested he'll now win several more, and why not?

Gene Wojciechowski, ESPN.com senior national columnist: It validates it. It gives it a syringe full of adrenaline. It takes him off the list of best player never to have won a major.

2. What single shot will you most remember from the 2013 Masters and why?

Paul Azinger: I'll never forget the putt that Adam Scott made to win, simply because of the joy that poured out of him. It was the most refreshing release of emotion that you could ever see, an uncontrollable release of joy.

Farrell Evans: I will remember Tiger's third shot at the 15th on the Friday that ricocheted off the flag into the water that ignited a minor controversy.

Bob Harig: Tiger Woods' approach shot that hit the flagstick on Friday and bounced back into the water. It was huge, leading to a remarkable sequence of events, including a two-shot penalty. Had the ball not hit the flag, Woods likely makes birdie. He makes four instead of eight -- the difference between a playoff and a tie for fourth. Who knows what might have happened otherwise?

Gene Wojciechowski: It's a toss-up between Scott's 12-footer to win it all, or the first shot (a drive right down the middle of the No. 1 fairway) of 14-year-old Chinese amateur Tianlang Guan.

3. Ten years from now, will this major be more remembered for Adam Scott's win or the Tiger Woods controversy?

Paul Azinger: Adam Scott's win by miles. Major winners make history, and that incident with Tiger, I don't think it's going to change anything about that.

Farrell Evans: People will remember this Masters 10 years from now if Tiger is still chasing Jack's major record. Otherwise, it will be best-known as the one where an Australian finally got a green jacket.

Bob Harig: Scott's victory. It was a great win for a great player, accomplished with a solid closing stretch and a great playoff putt.

Gene Wojciechowski: It's a tie. Tie goes to Woods. But in Australia, people will say, "Tiger who?''

4. What kept Tiger from winning his fifth green jacket this week?

Paul Azinger: A little hard luck. If he doesn't hit the pin on 15 [on Friday] he may make birdie. He only lost by four, so that's a four shot swing [between the drop and the penalty], so a little hard luck. He didn't putt that well. He putted okay, but not as well has he had, but it was really just a little bit of luck.

Farrell Evans: Tiger hurt his chances severely on Sunday by shooting 1-over par on the front. You can't make up five shots on the leaders with that kind of start.

Bob Harig: A little bit of everything. He simply wasn't strong enough in all aspects. He hit too few fairways, leading to too few greens in regulation. And while he gave himself enough chances for birdies, he missed too many of those as well. And yet, he still managed to tie for fourth.

Gene Wojciechowski: Greens in regulation and his putter caught a cold. That's a bad combination on a Masters Sunday.