Bubba Watson takes 10 on No. 12

AUGUSTA, Ga., -- Bubba Watson, the defending Masters champion, didn't have the heroic finish he enjoyed here last year, but it did take some courage for him to finish his final round at 5-over 77 for a 7-over total.

At the par-3 12th hole, the 34-year-old Watson made a 10 after he hit three balls into Rae's Creek.

"When you take away the nine three-putts, you take away the three balls in the water on 11, my 10 on 12, I still tied 50th," Watson said. "There's a lot of guys that went home that wish they tied 50th. So when you add that up, that means I was really close to having a fight on Sunday afternoon."

All week, Watson complained about the slowness of the Augusta National greens. On Sunday afternoon, with hours to kill before he had to put the green jacket on the next Masters champion, he continued that scrutiny.

"This is the slowest I've seen the greens," he said. "For me being a feel player, I'm used to them being fast and scary, and they weren't, and I kept leaving all my putts short."

Overall, Watson said it was a "blast" to be defending champion and that he enjoyed the experience.

"I was playing Sunday, so no matter what place I finished I was going to get a paycheck, so I'll be able to eat this week, and then you've got to look back at no matter what, unless I make them mad, I'm coming back for the rest of my life, I'll be here and I'll have a green jacket sitting in the locker room," he said. "You can't get mad at the situation.

"You're always a Masters champion, so no matter what, it's going to be a blast every year I show up here."