Sorenstam will focus on majors

STOCKHOLM, Sweden -- Annika Sorenstam will play fewer golf
tournaments this season and focus on the majors because of a back

Annika Sorenstam Sorenstam

"I will play less, prepare more and really go for the big
competitions," Sorenstam told Swedish broadcaster SVT.

The 36-year-old Sorenstam learned last week that she has a
ruptured and herniated disk in her back and will miss at least a
month from the LPGA Tour.

"I have seen the X-rays and there's an injury that has been
there for a long time and I have just kept on playing," Sorenstam

The Swedish golfer said she remained optimistic about another
grand slam win despite the injury. She has 69 LPGA Tour victories
and 10 major titles.

"I think it's realistic. This year I had planned for it, but it
didn't happen," Sorenstam said. "I trained really hard in
February and it is probably one of the reasons why I obtained this