#AskESPNCaddie -- Don't bet against Spieth in 2016

#AskESPNCaddie -- Can over-35 crowd win big in 2016? (2:12)

With all the talk of the younger generation taking over on the PGA Tour, Michael Collins answers the question: How much will the older set win in the coming year? (2:12)

You don't think you could miss golf when it's only been gone for what seems like a week. I admit it, I'm glad they're back playing again. The new year brings such hope and optimism for players, fans and even the golf media. I doubt it'll last, but let's ride this rainbow while we can!

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Collins: Watching Hyundai Tournament of Champions defending champ Patrick Reed get off to such a good start makes me think he'll be tough to beat. But if there's one guy I wouldn't want within even 4 shots of me, it's Jordan Spieth. As much "fun" stuff as he's put on social media, I know his work ethic. He's not in Hawaii on vacation hoping to play his way into shape. I'll take Jordan to win this first event of 2016.

Collins: Unfortunately for Phil, his health will dictate how well he plays this year. A body doesn't care how mentally motivated you are. If your health doesn't allow your body to perform... My hope is for Phil to have a season similar to what we've seen in years past, but I'm not confident that will happen. The baton is being passed.

Collins: Even without having the same success in majors, Spieth is going to continue his winning ways through the year. Don't be surprised if he has between four and six wins by the end of the season. Brooks Koepka, if he stays healthy, will have a breakout season this year and will contend in at least one major.

Collins: Here's the secret when looking at the players who made the equipment changes: golf ball. The players who changed golf balls will take longer to adjust than the players who only changed clubs. A player like Zach Johnson who changed to PXG clubs but will continue to play a Titleist golf ball, his comfort level will be high early.

A player like Tony Finau who changed the equipment (Callaway) and the golf ball will struggle early in the year. Remember, Rory McIlroy switched golf balls in 2013 and went winless that season. I had this exact conversation with a multiple-major winner. It's the ball, not the clubs, that takes the longest to adjust to in your game.

Collins: I'll answer the second question first. No, caddies aren't constantly looking over their shoulders. It would be impossible to do your best work if all you worried about was other guys trying to take your job. Plus, the reason a golfer hired you was because he or she believes you can help.

When a player is struggling like Luke Donald has been, a change can be good for both player and caddie. It happens that players can stop drawing inspiration from their caddie. And caddies can stop being optimistic and positive for their players. When that happens, it's OK to change things up.