#AskESPNCaddie -- Is a major win in Brandt Snedeker's future?

#AskESPNCaddie -- Worst driving range on tour? (1:32)

Where does this week's PGA Tour stop at Torrey Pines rank among the worst driving ranges? It's a tie for bottom of the barrel, but Michael Collins explains why that's okay. (1:32)

This week the tour is at Torrey Pines but I'm at the PGA Merchandise Show trying to get as much free stuff as possible. (Not really, but that's what everyone thinks.)

Even among all this cool stuff, you know I'm going to take time to answer everyone!

Kudos for all the great questions this week on Twitter. Here are this week's winners.

Collins: As much as I like Sneds, I'm afraid we'll never hear, "Major champion ... Brandt Snedeker." His best finishes are two third-place ties. We all remember him crying after the 2008 Masters, which is still the best chance he's had. But he also finished third in the 2012 Open even though he didn't have a chance to win.

I know he can win tournaments. What I don't know is if he can win majors. Thirty-three major starts, two top-5 finishes, with the most recent coming in 2012. You have a warm fuzzy feeling?

Collins: Because the powers that be could care less about you.

Don't look at your screen like that. I love ya and want you to have your anchored stroke. And don't worry, Shingo Katayama is using one of those big 'ol ugly things side-saddle style. That'll catch on and at some point the rule will be rescinded.

Collins: It always depends on the course you're playing. On the PGA Tour, we always make sure the rakes are not in the bunkers, but some courses would prefer you leave them there. If you place the rake outside the trap, make sure it's in a spot where it's least likely to stop a ball coming toward the bunker.

It's not your job to help the golfers behind you avoid the trap. Bunkers were placed there (with rakes) to catch wayward shots and the rakes shouldn't play goalie.

Collins: As much as I love parity, it's bad for the game not to have a dominant force. Purists love it when there's parity because it means the level of golf being played is extraordinary and the dominant force, when it shows up, will be that much more amazing. The problem is with fringe and new fans. If the guy winning every week is different, why would you want to watch? I don't know and have never heard of that guy, so I'm not watching.

It's hard to get new people interested in the sport that way. If the Big Four can win a bunch this year in epic battles, that would be great. That's what I want. It's a huge ask, though.

Collins: Don't know if there is such a thing as bad BBQ! Seriously though, I find the dry rub (Kansas City style) not quite as tender as the North Carolina or southern style wet BBQ. I'm an East Coast dude, so many would disagree, but you asked my favorite so ... now I gotta go find some ribs!!