Notes From The Yardage Book -- Key to 16 at WMPO


SCOTTSDALE, Ariz. -- "The Greatest Show on Grass." Pros love it. Pros hate it.

There are no hazards and no out of bounds. Yet when guys walk through the tunnel coming from the 15th green, the butterflies return with a vengeance.

You can see in the yardage book that the par-3 16th is only 163 yards. It plays a little downhill, so when there's no wind and the temperature is above 65 degrees Fahrenheit, it's a 7-iron at most.

The compass reading on the bottom left part of the tee box for the caddie is extremely important because the golf ball will apex much higher than the grandstands, meaning shots will be significantly affected by the wind. Most caddies will walk to the front edge of the tee box to look back over the top of the grandstands because there are flags and balloons that can help judge the strength of the wind.

Looking at the green, there are two no-no's on the 16th hole.

No. 1 -- Do not miss left when the pin is left. That area is mowed like the fairway, so if you don't find the greenside bunker, you're probably leaving the hole with a bogey. Even the best in the world flub chips and that's where flubs congregate this time of year.

No. 2 -- Do not hit it in the greenside bunker guarding the back right side of the green when the hole is on the right. The green slopes away from you and you can never get enough spin on the ball to stop it close to the hole.

It's a tricky green to read because the back and middle-left of the putting surface slope differently than the front and right side.

Other than that ... wait, I forgot to mention the 25,000-30,000 people that will boo you mercilessly if you miss the green. Don't even think about trying to get them quiet, either. A birdie and you'll feel like a rock star. A bogey and you'll feel like a hated politician.

Good luck. And try to remember to breathe.

Yardage books provided by Mark Long -- TourSherpa@gmail.com. Copyright 2016 Tour Sherpa, Inc. All rights reserved.