#AskESPNCaddie -- Easy Pebble and Rose's rating

Who has the power on the PGA Tour? (1:56)

ESPN.com's Michael Collins explains how the caddies' failed lawsuit against the PGA Tour played out and whether the players could have helped. (1:56)

I'd be lying if I said I wasn't heartbroken I'm not caddying this week in Pebble Beach. I love everything about that event and everything that goes on around it. The good news is I have y'all and your burning questions. This week's mix is great! Enjoy!

I'll take the Olympic Club Lake Course because of No. 16. It's a 670 yard par-5 and depending on the setup, you can't always hit driver. C'mon man! You could hit three great shots and still might walk away with a bogey. Nothing better than a par-5 that gives you zero relaxation.

No. I say that because I don't know anyone who hasn't given him the proper acknowledgement for his accomplishments. He also is never overlooked in match play or team competitions. Rose may me at the bottom of a list of players who are underrated.

I caddied for a guy who insisted on an umbrella in the bag. He always put his headcover on it when he teed off. One week at a tournament in the Arizona desert, I was getting the bag out of the trunk and I took out the umbrella and threw it back in the trunk. The look on his face was almost panicked. He started to say something but I cut him off and said, "It's my bag, trust me." He played well that week but, bugged me put the umbrella back in the bag until I finally gave in.

The tour has no choice. Rounds already take over 5 1/2 hours, and if they set up the course super hard, it would take seven hours. Remember what this tournament is supposed to be: a fun, easy start to a very long season that brings together celebrities and pro golfers. Why would you want to see guys grinding this early in the year?

Phil said it was the same style driver but set up differently. What that means is he used the same style driver head but had it weighted differently (providing a different ball flight) and probably had a different shaft as well. Why did he do it? Well, he admitted being an idiot, but said to get better you gotta try things and sometimes they don't work. I love that guy!