#AskESPNCaddie: Bib wars and walking Riviera

Greller's advice for Spieth (1:36)

What should caddie Michael Greller say to Jordan Spieth after his opening-round 79 at the Northern Trust Open? ESPN.com's Michael Collins says less is more in this situation. (1:36)

If you know me, you won't be surprised that a caddie question leads off this week's #AskESPNCaddie. But there were plenty of other things on your mind this week like Vaughn Taylor, Tiger's caddie and just how tough that walk is to the first tee at Riviera. Use #AskESPNCaddie on Twitter whenever you have a question for me, and you could end up right here!

Collins: It's complicated, but here's the easiest way for me to explain. Caddies are required to sign a paper agreeing to a code of conduct, which includes a dress code (whether the bib is part of the dress code is why the lawsuit, in part, was filed). Right now if a caddie didn't sign that paper, the tour could have the caddie removed from the premises. If all the caddies removed their bibs at a tournament, it would put everyone involved in a very precarious position. Getting all the caddies to do that is virtually impossible, however, and the tour knows it.

Collins: A player like Taylor is normally overwhelmed by number of other pros who stick around at the end of a round to congratulate him for beating them. I've been lucky enough to cover a couple of tournaments where older players have won after years of going winless. They are always baffled when they turn on their phone and see so many congratulatory texts and messages. The locker rooms in those situations have a genuine familial atmosphere.

Collins: Did you read the piece Bob Harig did on LaCava? I'm not saying Tiger is paying LaCava on a regular basis, but no caddie can afford to sit at home with no income coming in.

Collins: It's almost impossible, even with a picture, to show the severity of the steps a caddie has to climb to get to the first tee at Riviera. Imagine a 35-pound tour bag on your back and walk up a 3.5 story ladder. And remember, you're doing it twice, sometimes three times a day! What's the definition of caddie hell? Your player is going to miss the cut, you started on the 10th hole Friday, and you have to walk up there just to make the turn. Fire and brimstone doesn't sound so bad.