Marc Leishman says pills turned him into rage machine on course

Australian golfer Marc Leishman has confirmed that a recent reaction to medication taken for a misdiagnosed bed bug scare caused him to become angry and agitated on the golf course.

In the lead up to the PGA Tour Farmers Insurance Open at Torrey Pines, Leishman suffered what doctors initially believed to be a spider bite and was prescribed an antihistamine to treat it.

Leishman believes the medication caused him to be uncharacteristically angry and frustrated on the course, which could have been a major factor in him missing the cut.

"It was really weird, the meds made me angry and aggro on the course, it was just terrible," Leishman said.

"I'm not an angry person at all and I was just not myself and I didn't know why but as soon as I got off the antihistamines the anger and short fuse went away."

The 32-year-old had elected to stay in the same hotel he'd used for the previous eight years, and he said that he had no idea he had been attacked by bed bugs.

"I didn't know it was bed bugs until the following week when [his wife Audrey's] doctor figured it out," he said.