#AskESPNCaddie -- Broken clubs and full bellies

AskESPNCaddie: Keep calm in amateur tournaments (1:52)

ESPN.com's Michael Collins says the biggest challenge amateurs face in local tournaments is staying relaxed, and he shows one way to chill out. (1:52)

Hanging out this week at Doral and getting a free shave isn't a bad gig if you have to work somewhere! I'm including a question that came in late last week because it's so good. As usual, there's an eclectic mix of questions, which proves that golf is not just about one or two topics. Enjoy this week's #AskESPNCaddie!

Collins: Most caddies will try and put the pieces in the bag so the head can be re-shafted the next week on the tour trucks. But two extremes can happen, and I've been there when both occur (most caddies have). First, a player can be so mad at the club, it's either in the trash or leaving with an ecstatic fan. The second thing is a member of his "entourage" takes the club pieces. A phone call is then made to the manufacturer for a replacement.

Collins: That would be a great record. I think 2-3 is a more realistic goal since there are still kinks to work out with the new system in place. I think we win this year, but in 2018, I think we lose on the road again. After that, who knows what young talent emerges for both sides?

Collins: It's a no-brainer. White Sulphur Springs, West Virginia. The Greenbrier Classic is played in a place 20 miles past where they probably filmed "Children of the Corn"! The resort itself is a stunning place, but leaving the resort to find something "exciting" might involve cow tipping.

Collins: New Orleans and the Zurich Classic. It's still the only place I'll eat crawfish and oysters. The city has a vibe that gets in your soul, and the food matches it. If someone offered you coffee and beignets outside New Orleans, you'd be justified in declining. I will say I disqualify Las Vegas because there's no real "local" food in Vegas. Even if I included Vegas, it would still finish in second place.

Collins: Harold Varner III, but not for the reason most people would assume. I honestly could care less about the color of his skin. What I like is the game he posseses and the fight he has inside. I think our personalities on the course would mesh well. Y'all have to understand I'm a bit different when I caddie than when you see me at a tournament doing this gig. But I think Varner has the deepest pool of untapped potential.

Collins: OUCH!! This might be the toughest question I've had all week. For the money, I'd take Curry. For my life, I'd take Spieth. How's that?