Torn labrum in left shoulder forces Pat Perez to end season

Pat Perez has played seven times this year, but only once on a Sunday. A trip to the doctor explained what might have contributed to his poor play. Perez discovered a torn labrum in his left shoulder and will be out the rest of the season.

Perez said on his website that he had surgery Tuesday and will be out until a new season begins in October.

He said he noticed something wrong at the CareerBuilder Challenge and barely made it through his third round. He ended up missing the cut. Perez said he knew the condition of his shoulder was bad at the Honda Classic, so he sought a specialist to get tests done.

Perez is expected to be in a sling for four weeks, followed by a few months of physical therapy to strengthen the shoulder.

"I've been competing at this level for 15 seasons now and want to be out here for at least 15 more," Perez said. "The timing of the injury isn't optimum, but I'm choosing to see the positive in a negative. This is a rare opportunity for me to hit reset, get healthy and redial in my game so I can get back to business this fall."