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Updated: July 23, 2009, 2:50 AM ET
By US Youth Soccer

LANCASTER, Mass.  The following are match recaps from Wednesday's U.S. Youth Soccer National Championships played at Citizens Bank Fields at Progin Park, in Lancaster, Mass., outside of Boston.

Thirteen of the day's 30 matches ended in ties, turning Day 2 into an important make-or-break round for most of the competitors.

Under-14 Girls

Eclipse Select 94-95 (Ill.) worked to get a shot off against Scorpions SC (Mass.), and in the 47th minute, Abigayle Gearing made the most of her opportunity for Eclipse. Teammate Jenna Miller upped the Eclipse lead to 2-0 in the 56th minute, but McKenzie Meehan netted a Scorpion goal in the 61st minute. The game ended 2-1 for the Eclipse's first win at the national championships.

Eclipse Select (Ill.) 2, Scorpions SC (Mass.) 1
ECL - Erin Holland - (56:00), Abigayle Gearing - (47:00)
SCO - McKenzie Meehan - (61:00)

CASL Spartans Elite Black (N.C.) and Mustang Blast (Calif.-N) played tough defense today as neither team could find its rhythm. Both teams were able to get three shots off, but none made it into the net for a 0-0 final result.

Mustang Blast (Calif.-N) 0, CASL Spartans Elite (N.C.) 0

Under-14 Boys

The game between Dix Hill Thunder (E-N.Y.) and West Coast FC (Calif.-S) ended it a scoreless draw. West Coast had seven attempts to Dix Hill's eight but neither side could pass the opposition's keeper.

Another Under-14 Boys game ended with the same result (0-0). CASL Elite (N.C.) took advantage of every open shot, but St. Louis Scott Gallagher (Mo.) denied all nine shots on goal. Both sides battled for an open seam, but the match ended in a knot, 0-0.

Under-15 Boys

Grand Rapids Crew (Mich.) 1, SCSA 93 Gold (N.C.) 0
Trevor Osburn (24:00)

Sereno 94 White (Ariz.) 4, Blast FC (Ohio-S) 0
Sereno - SER - Douglass Jamison - (51:00), Mason Robertson - (63:00), Cole Nagy - (69:00), Nicholas Cavaretta - (75:00)

Baltimore Casa Mia Bays (Md.) 2, Spirit United (E-Pa.) 1
Scorers: BAY -
Michael Gamble - (13:00), BAY - Michael Greene - (49:00)
CEL - Stefan Dasbach - (27:00)

Under-15 Girls

Chantilly Burn (Va.) kicked off their morning game against the 2009 US Youth Soccer National League Finalist, FC Pennsylvania Strikers (E-Pa.), with a 19th minute goal by Olivia Colella. Burn kept the 1-0 lead until after the half when the Strikers' Brittany Ratcliffe netted one in the 62nd minute. The 1-1 score remained until the final whistle blew.

FC Pennsylvania Strikers (E-Pa.) 1, Chantilly Burn (Va.) 1
Scorers: CHB -
Olivia Colella - (19:00)
FCP - Brittany Ratcliffe - (62:00)

The Dallas Texans 94 Red (N-Texas) were looking for a win in their first game of the national championships as they faced the So Cal Blues. Amanda Elertson had a 10th minute Texans goal for the early 1-0 lead. So Cal held off the Texans offense until the 53rd minute when Mary Alissa Lonsberry upped the Texans lead to 2-0. In the final minutes of the game, So Cal looked to come back after a 79th minute shot by Janae Cousineau, but the Texans' keeper was on her toes denying any last minute attempts. Slating one in the win column, Texans walked away with a 2-1 win.

Dallas Texans 94 (N-Texas) 2, So Cal Blues (Calif.-S) 1
Scores: DTX -
Amanda Elertson - (10:00), Mary Alissa Lonsberry - (53:00)
SOC - Janae Cousineau - (79:00)

2009 National League Champion San Diego Surf 93-94 White (Calif.-S) made a statement in today's game against St. Louis Scott Gallagher (Mo.) with a 5-0 victory. Courtney Massimino opened up the scoring with a 17th minute goal and teammate Jacqueline Friedman netted one in the 35th minute. Kate Perry and Brittany Reese scored in the 50th and 69th minutes, respectively. Surf wrapped up the game with an 80th minute Alexandra Bailey strike.

San Diego Surf (Calif.-S) 5, St. Louis Scott Gallagher (Mo.) 0
Scorers: SUR -
Courtney Massimino - (17:00), Jacqueline Friedman - (35:00), Kate Perry - (50:00), Brittany Reese - (69:00), Alexandra Bailey - (80:00)

Under-16 Girls

The So Cal Blues-Dodge are 2009 National League Finalist and Region IV Champions and today they played Ponte Vedra Storm (Fla.), a team stacked with four U.S. National Team pool players. Emily Goldstein got one past the Storm defense in the 49th minute for the 1-0 Blues lead. In the 79th minute Kaili Torres, a U-17 National Team player, hit the equalizer for Storm. The game ended in a 1-1 tie.

Ponte Vedra Storm (Fla.) 1, So Cal Blues Dodge (Calif.-S) 1
Scorers: PVS -
Kaili Torres - (78:00)
SOC - Emily Goldstein - (49:00)

De Anza Force (Calif.-N) are representing Region IV as a finalist since the Region IV champions advanced to the National Championships as the National League finalist. Today, De Anza faced the National League champion and defending 2008 National Champion, Dallas Texans 93 Red (N-Texas). They knew there was a lot to prove. In the 4th minute, they began proving their skill with a goal from Cristina Farrington. Teammate Alesha Blair had back-to-back goals in the 21st and 24th minutes with Farrington netting one in the 25th minute to give De Anza the 4-0 lead. Catherine Meyer had the Texans' sole goal in the 52nd minute, but it was De Anza's day with the 4-1 win.

De Anza Force (Calif.-N) 4, Dallas Texans 93 Red (N-Texas) 1
Scorers: DAF -
Cristina Farrington - (4:00), Alesha Blair - (21:00) (24:00), Cristina Farrington - (25:00)
DTX - Catherine Meyer - (52:00)

The Syosset Rough Riders (E-N.Y.) and Cleveland FC (Ohio-N) remained scoreless until the 64th minute when Cleveland's Brianna Defelice knocked one past the keeper. Amy Marron hit the Syosset equalizer in the 70th minute, and the game ended in a 1-1 tie.

Cleveland FC (Ohio-N) 1, Syosset Rough Riders (E-N.Y.) 1
Scorers: CLE -
Brianna Defelice - (64:00)
SRR - Amy Marron - (70:00)

Under-16 Boys

Hicksville Strikers (E-N.Y.) opened with a 4th minute goal from Colin Heffron against CESA 92 Premier (S.C.). Teammate Christopher Abriola put another on the boards in the 16th minute, and CESA netted one of their own in the 33rd minute thanks to Emmett Lunceford. Matthew Wendelken hit another Striker goal in the 38th minute for a 3-1 halftime score. CESA came back with a 49th minute shot by Richard Garbanzo. Strikers completed the 5-2 final score with back-to-back goals by Keith McKenna and Heffron in the 62nd and 63rd minutes.

Hicksville Strikers (E-N.Y.) 5, CESA 92 Premier (S.C.) 2
Scores: STR -
Colin Heffron - (4:00) (63:00), Christopher Abriola - (16:00), Matthew Wendelken - (38:00), Keith McKenna - (62:00)
CEP - Emmett Lunceford - (33:00), Ricardo Garbanzo - (49:00)

Arsenal FC (Calif.-S) earned their way into the National Championships after winning the Region IV Championships with only 12 players. As they played the National League finalist, GSA Phoenix (Ga.) they worked hard to get a shot past the keeper, but it wasn't until the 69th minute that Luis Fuentes completed an Arsenal goal. GSA shot down Arsenals 1-0 lead in the 80th minute thanks to Tyler Peoples' equalizer. The game ended in a 1-1 draw.

Arsenal FC (Calif.-S) 1, GSA 93 Phoenix Red (Ga.) 1
Scores: ARS -
Luis Fuentes - (69:00)
GSA - Tyler Peoples - (80:00)

In their second trip to the national championships, the Dallas Texans Red 93 (N-Texas) are looking to go all the way this year. In their first game of the tournament, they played US Youth Soccer Midwest Regional League Champions, Campton United Navy of Illinois. Campton's Robert Johnson netted a 29th minute goal for the 1-0 upper-hand. Texans worked to find the equalizer, and in the 72nd minute Aaron Simmons tie it up 1-1 and the score would remain tied.

Campton United Navy (Ill.) 1, Dallas Texans Red (N-Texas) 1
Scores: DTX -
Aaron Simmons - (72:00)
CAM - Robert Johnson - (29:00)

Under-17 Boys

Javanon 92s (Ky.) came out strong with a Will Vitalis 29th minute goal over Lower Merion Velez (E-Pa.), but Lower Merion quickly countered with a 30th minute shot from Jonathan Dolezal. In the 43rd minute, Kevin Israel helped Lower Merion pull ahead 2-1 and Voltaire Escalona finalized Lower Merion's 4-1 victory with goals in the 54th and 88th minutes.

Lower Merion SC (E-Pa.) 4, Javanon 92 (Ky.) 1
Scorers: LMV -
Jonathan Dolezal - (30:00), Kevin Israel - (43:00), Voltaire Escalona - (54:00) (88:00)
JAV - Will Vitalis - (29:00)

Triangle United (N.C.) and YMS Xplosion (E-Pa.) tied 1-1. Nazmi Albadawi scored for Triangle in the 23rd minute and Colin Skelly scored for YMS in the 49th minute. Tomorrow, YMS will play Eastern Pennsylvania rival, Lower Merion Velez, the National League Champion.

YMS Xplosion (E-Pa.) 1, Triangle United (N.C.) 1
Scorers: YMS -
Colin Skelly - (49:00)
TRU - Nazmi Albadawi - (23:00)

Eder Arreola put CZ Elite (Calif.-S) on the boards in the 18th minute for an early lead over National League finalist, Dallas Texans-Houston 92 Red (S-TX). The Texans' Jon-Paul Perez hit the equalizer in the 53rd minute and then took the 2-1 lead in the 83rd minute thanks to an Alexander Suarez goal. CZ's Jesus Gonzalez answered the call with an 85th minute goal to tie the game 2-2.

Dallas Texans Houston (S-TX) 2, CZ Elite (Calif.-S) 2
Scorers: DTX -
Jon-Paul Perez - (53:00), Alexander Suarez - (83:00)
CZE - Eder Arreola - (18:00), Jesus Gonzalez - (85:00)

Under-17 Girls

Eclipse Select (Ill.) 4, Internationals (Ohio-N) 1
ECL - Maggie Murnane - (40:00), Erin Pekovitch - (53:00), Lynn Froetscher - (87:00), Natalia Jovanovic - (90:00+)
OHN - Juliana Libertin - (82:00)

PDA Fire (N.J.) 1, Crossfire Premier (Wash.) 0
Scorers: PDA -
Rachel Davitt - (71:00)

Dallas Texans Red (N-Texas) 1, GSA Phoenix 92 Red (Ga.) 1
Scorers: DTX -
Natasha Anasi - (42:00)
GSA - Taylor Gates - (59:00)

Under-18 Boys

DSC 90 Green (S.C.) 3, WSM Internationals (Ore.) 2
Scorers: DSC -
Shawn Ferguson - (18:00), Juan Velasquez - (44:00), Enzo Martinez - (69:00)
WSM - Jean Marie Mwanga - (14:00), Erik Hurtado - (19:00) PK

Javanon 91 (Ky.) 3, East Fishkill Thunder (E-N.Y.) 1
Scorers: JAV -
Own Goal - (6:00), Alex Oeswein - (12:00), Jacob Kemper - (89:00)
EFT - Eric Fortier - (83:00)

Under-18 Girls

Ohio Elite SA (Ohio-S) 4, ESC 91 Black (OK) 0
OHE - Lisa Nouansengy - (67:00) (70:00), Alyssa Rich - (80:00), Erin Jacobsen - (87:00)

FC Bucks Vipers (E-Pa.) 3, Pleasanton Rage (Calif.-N) 1
Scorers: FCB -
Madlyn Evans - (9:00) (86:00), Heidi Sabatura - (69:00)
PLR - Nina Watkins - (67:00)

Under-19 Boys

Baltimore Casa Bays (Md.) 0, NASA 08 Elite (Ga.) 0

Colorado Rush Nike (Colo.) 1, Pike Indy Burn (Ind.) 0
Scorer: COR - Edward Prugh - (38:00)

Under-19 Girls

Colorado Rush Nike (Colo.) 2, FC Delco Fury II (E-Pa.) 1
Scorers: COR -
Danielle Foxhoven - (10:00), Brittany Kerridge - (67:00)

DEL - Amanda Gerhard - (69:00)

Eclipse Select 89-90 (Ill.) 2, BUSA 90 (Ala.) 2
ECL - Jessica Price - (64:00), Julie Ewing - (78:00)
BUS - Alexandra Russell - (50:00), Tiffini Turpin - (77:00)