Great State Debate: Why Pennsylvania

In the Great State Debate, five states stand above the rest in the caliber of quarterbacks they produce -- Alabama, California, Ohio, Pennsylvania and Texas. Here is the argument for why Pennsylvania should win.

• Simply put, it's about the best of the best in the history of the sport. Pennsylvania is home to six of the 23 modern-era Pro Football Hall of Fame quarterbacks, the most of any state. Western Pennsylvania is clearly the breeding ground for these all-time signal-callers, as the region produced all of the Keystone State's inductees. If recent years haven't been as prolific, few can argue with the star power of the NFL superstars that hail from Pennsylvania from years past. The names Joe Montana, Dan Marino and Johnny Unitas are synonymous with excellence at the position and any other state will be hard-pressed to top the Mount Rushmore -- or rather "Mount Passmore" -- of legendary quarterbacks that the state has produced.

• The current NFL class of QBs is led Matt Ryan and Matt Schaub, two young franchise stars in their primes who have both already been selected to the Pro Bowl.

• In addition to the Hall of Famers, Pennsylvania has produced a league MVP, a Super Bowl champ and numerous Pro Bowlers under center. Rich Gannon (St. Joe's Prep) emerged late in his NFL career but made up for lost time with the 2002 MVP award and a Super Bowl appearance. He earned four Pro Bowl nods and two Pro Bowl MVP awards. Marc Bulger (Pittsburgh Central Catholic) was a two-time Pro Bowler with the St. Louis Rams. Gus Frerotte (Ford City) proved to be a respectable NFL journeyman who earned a 1996 Pro Bowl bid with the Washington Redskins. Jeff Hostetler (Conemough Township) won Super Bowl XXV with the New York Giants.