Quotes from the Crab Bowl

Updated: December 22, 2008, 5:46 PM ET
By Mike Loveday |

Since the first annual Crab Bowl game was for the athlete it seems fitting to hear what some of the Baltimore and D.C. All-stars thought about the game and thier favorite moments from the week.

[+] EnlargeCarroll Washington
Mike LovedayEdmondson's Carroll Washington made several outstanding plays during the Maryland Crab Bowl.

About the Crab Bowl

"I feel good about it [the Crab Bowl]. I had fun. Through the three days with these great players - all of them going off to great places, great Universities to get great educations. I learned a lot out here - coming together as a team, working hard, stepping up and doing a lot of different things."

Favorite Moment

"I'm going to have to say when we came up on the goal line - when Caleb ran his first touchdown. I got a double pancake. I liked that - that was fun. It was my first double pancake ever."

--Danzel Manley, Eleanor Roosevelt

About the Crab Bowl

"It was great. I just wish I could go back over and do the whole week over again. It was fun - all four quarters, all 15 minutes of the quarters. It was just hype. It was non-stop fun."

Favorite Moment

"The whole game. This was just a big step for me and for everybody. It's like coaches were saying, you can either take it as your last high school game or your first college game. I'm taking it as my first college game."

-- Carroll Washington, Edmondson

About the Crab Bowl

"It was a great game to start out with - it's first year. All the talent on the field, I don't know if this can ever be matched. It's just a great honor to be asked here and to play in the game and to play with the kind of talent that's on the field."

Favorite Moment

"Just being around the guys in general. Being around different talent of coaching staff and the players and being able to play with players who are on your level. You're preparing all week to go against top notch players who are going all across the country to play in college."

--Dave Stinebaugh

About the Crab Bowl

"It was a crazy experience. There was so much talent out here at every position - it's expected out of an All-star game, but to see the amount of excitement and the amount of passion about the game - it was just outstanding to be out here with all these guys. & The energy, the energy in the air was just crazy."

Favorite Moment

"I have a favorite person and that has to be Devon Smith [from Westlake]. Just because he's so fast - he's the fastest person I've ever seen in my life. It was just crazy the way he ran. He always runs to get that touchdown."

-- Terrence Stephens, Quince Orchard

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