Tear'a Laudermill

Point Guard

CLASS: 2011



  • Moreno Valley, CAHometown
  • Canyon Springs High School
  • 5-7Height
  • Weight
  • Overall Rank
  • 24Position Rank

ESPN Player Evaluations

Nike TOC-Dec. 10: Playing with the same attack and excitement that she always has but demonstrating advance maturity and decision making that you want to see from an elite senior. Her constant attack is highlighted by some of the most eye catching acceleration you'll find. Her one on one skills help her create in both the halfcourt as well as in transition. She has the range that demands reluctant closeouts from defenders and aggressive rotations as she penetrates. Still somewhat slight in her build but not a factor if you can't catch her. (Lewis)

USJN DC-July 10: Wiry build with as much athleticism and quickness as you'll find on the floor. Has as much speed with the ball in her hands as most players do without. Can push and create both shots and passing opportunities at will. The pull up seems bore reliable but not much was revealed from range due to her consistent penetration. Smart defenders will start to back off and force her to prove herself. (Lewis)

WCP Spring Invitational-May 10: For FBC, there is much acclaim for rising post Imani Stafford but the engine that keeps the team running is point guard Tear'a Laudermill. The Canyon Springs High School junior has elite athleticism that should have her tearing up the Pac-10 or another major conference in the near future. She advanced the ball up court with great speed while being in command of the ball. She constantly plays the game at speed and changes directions at full throttle with the best of them. (Hansen)

Nike TOC-Dec. 09: Long and ultra athletic at 5-9, she slashes and creates from the point. Her one on one skills are exceptional and allow her to find opportunities for herself and her teammates. Her floor vision makes her a solid passer and serves her well at the defensive end, too. She demonstrated some range on her shot but will need more consistency to keep opponents honest.

She is an exciting point guard who adds instant energy when she is on the court. She has a flare about her that is more than just her swagger. She is exceptional at finding the open teammate and putting the ball precisely in the shot pocket of the shooter. She will bounce the ball at any defender and loves to challenge the bigs. She is more effective going right and has a tendency to do so, although going left doesn't seem to be a problem. Tear'a was a force to be reckoned with this weekend.

TOC Dec. 08: Never afraid to put the ball on the floor and attack the defense. Add to that a nice pull-up from 15-feet and you've got the foundation for a solid offensive player. She plays a little out of control at times but there is definitely no lack of speed with Laudermill.


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