The Drive to Succeed

Keighton Allen travels more than two hours each way to play for KCFC. Courtesy of Allen family

How far would you go to play club soccer at the highest level?

Literally, how far?

Athletes across the country travel hundreds of miles to play for the top club teams in hopes of improving their game by playing for the best coaches, against the best competition and in front of the top colleges.

ESPNHS talked to six families representing four clubs from different parts of the country. The players are state cup winners, high school state champions, NCAA Division I commits, and even a current college athlete. The list includes multiple National Honors Society students and two high school local players of the year.

They have traveled through mountains, deserts and multiple feet of snow. They've crossed state lines, broken speed limits and racked up thousands of dollars in gas expenses. But in the end, every one of them says the travel is worth it. Every one of them says they'd do it again.

This week, we take a look at these families who go the extra mile -- literally -- to play the sweet game.