What I learned: Important Questions

One of the most important things a potential recruit can do to help his or her recruiting is be proactive. Doug Austin/ESPNHS

Lacrosse is growing rapidly in high school, according to a US Lacrosse report there are 149,400 boys playing high school lacrosse, but just 19,326 will go on to play in college.

While there are guidelines and processes surrounding recruiting, athletes have many questions to determine which school is the best fit for them.

These are some of the questions athlete's have asked during the recruiting process and have shared with ESPNHS to help up-and-coming recruits.

Most Important Questions

*"Do you live close to campus and do you have the team over to your house. This was the most important question for me because at Salisbury, coach Wynne being my advisor, I am able to go to him whenever I need help whether that be a school, family, or lacrosse matter and it is important to me that I am able to have a close relationship with the coaching staff."

* "I frequently asked coaches where I was located in their recruiting lineup; whether I was on the top of his list, or if he was more interested in another player."

* "Where do you see me playing for your team? The answer to that one question tells you a lot about what's on their mind and how they see you."

* "The most important question I asked college coaches was how they felt I would fit in with their team. I thought it was important that the coach believed that I could make a difference on the field."

* "The most important question I asked was how I fit into each school's program. I was interested to hear what position I'd be playing and how they thought I could contribute to their team."

* "The most important question I asked college coaches was what kind of academic support is available to athletes, since I might miss a class here and there traveling for games."

* "One really important question that I asked college coaches was about their school. School size and courses offered were obviously important to me and my parents."

* "The most important question I asked coaches had to do with academics. I was concerned with what SAT scores and how high my grades would have to be in order to be accepted at their prospective schools. I didn't want to commit to a school that I wouldn't be able to get into."

EDITORS NOTE: We will update this story as athletes continue to share what thye've asked college coaches during the recruiting process.