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Updated: March 24, 2009, 5:15 PM ET

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Tournament reaction

So far so good....

By jrowley91
Jayhawks come out on top of Dayton today. Cole with his best game of his career. He is the first player to record a triple double in KU history since they have been recording it. But i have a feeling Mr. Wilt Chamberlain got a triple double or two in his time at KU. Looks like we get Michigan State in Sweet 16 i think we got em. We lost to them earlier in the year, but i think if we get them on a neutral floor with different refs we got em and especially if Cole comes out blazing like he did today. KU bench needs to step up and play too. Looking forward to the game! ROCK CHALK JAYHAWKS!!!
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Michigan's Future...

By a2bones
Michigan all in all had a great season that happened to end with a tough loss to Oklahoma. Michigan handed their fair share of upsets to many teams like Duke and UCLA, and played with other great teams like Maryland, Conneticut, Oklahoma, and Michigan State and others. I think the best aspect of this team is that this is Beline's second season at Michigan and has made termedous improvemt in just one year. Also from a talent aspect Michigan is losing very little besides from the leadership abilities of Merit and Lee ... Keep reading about Michigan's future

Tennessee Volunteers

By dj-bradley
We had a rough season. We had a fun season, But all together we had an outstanding season no matter what people say about us.:) -TENNESSEE BASKETBALL-
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Your teams

NCAA tournament

sales tax1234
By sales tax1234
Pittsburgh all the way, no one can stop them
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Go Duke!!!!!!!!

By AlexisTaymao
i'm soooooooooo excited!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i guess i'm doin pretty good on my bracket! i'm at 91.71% hopefully that will last!!!!!!!! i think Duke will win their game (and pray) (a lot) lol !!!!!!!! anywho- i'll c/chat wit u guys/girlz l8tr buh-bye!
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By eggs0127
who will will gonzaga memphis or unc???
Which team do you think will win?

Ncaa tournament

By Armin224
missed my chance for the brackets but here is final 4 picks.
Duke all day.
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Son Gill
By Son Gill
Today's Picks&Mizzou, Ku, MSU, UL, Pitt, Xav, and Syr
Next round I have Memphis, Uconn, MSU and UL. Pitt, Duke, UNC and Oklahoma. Cuse is going to be tough but I did play the seeds and so I have Oklahoma advancing to the Elite eight Who do you think will win in the Sweet 16? Tell Son Gill

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