ESPNHS: Best Tiger Woods blogs 4/1

Updated: April 1, 2009, 4:26 PM ET

Editor's note: ESPNHS is a collection of the best blogs and videos from high schoolers across the country. Today, bloggers are talking about Tiger Woods' return to golf. Want to get involved and blog about Tiger? Start blogging and uploading videos today!

Tiger Woods blogs

Everyone Has a Little Tiger in Them

By bstonecipher03
It would only be formidable for the greatest golfer in the world, greatest golfer of his generation, and possibly the greatest golfer of all time to make a miraculous comeback on Sunday. Unless you've been scrounging in a cave for the past 10 years, you realize that would be Tiger. And Tiger returned to the man we saw just one year ago, making yet another come-from-behind victory on Sunday. Read full post ... and weigh in!

The Fist Pump is Back in Business again

By manny24435
At the Arnold Palmer Invitational on Sunday, Tiger Woods has officially announced his return with the electrifying fist pump that gets the crowd roaring like a lion. Tiger won his first tournament since he had surgery to repair his torn ACL by beating Sean O'Hair by one shot. Coming into Sunday, O'Hair had a five shot lead over Tiger, but the once insurmountable lead was cut away shortly. Once the young O'Hair caught a glimpse of the determined eyes of Tiger Woods he fell into pieces. ... Keep reading this post

Tiger is Back!

Sports Messiah
By Sports Messiah
Now that Tiger has a win under his belt since returning from injury his confidence will return to what it once was and we are going to have the old Tiger Woods back so Phil Mickelson watch out.
Do you think Tiger is back 100 percent?

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