ESPNHS Monday: Best blogs 4/20

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April 21st Mock Draft


By checkag
1 - DET: Stafford, Matthew - QB - Georgia
2 -STL: Smith, Jason - OL - Baylor
3 - KNC: Curry, Aaron - OLB - Wake Forest
4 - SEA: Sanchez, Mark - QB - USC
5 - CLE: Crabtree, Michael - WR - Texas Tech
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AL East


By nickp2008p
The Rays are out of their mind if they think they are going to make the World Series again this year but if they slowly creep up like they did last year they could have another run at a title. Evan Longoria is their powerhouse with Carlos Pena attatched. Everyone is talking about the Yankees and how good they are but in my mind this is not a Championship built team. They have Matsui as their DH but he hasn't helped them at all this year, neither has their big trade either. Ahhhhh! the Red Sox, they haven't made theirselves heard yet but eventually they will. With Youk and Pedroia leading their offense they are the team to beat this year. And of course the Orioles who most predict to be in last this year but if they can beat the Yanks and the Sox they could finish in the top four and the Jays finish in last. I think that it will come down to who will fight their hearts out to win this division in 2009. They are the AL East and also the toughest league in baseball. Check out nickp2008p's "NL East" blog post!

Why not the Marlins?


By guzfuz
It was two weeks ago when I went to a Marlin game. It was there opening series of the year and they were playing the Nats. It was the first time I went to a game at Dolhpin stadium and I've always been used to the crowded atmosphere at Shea and Yankee stadium. But Marlins games were nothing like Met and Yankee games. Not at all. The first thing I saw getting out of the car was a broadcasting crew outside the stadium giving out free tickets for anyone that would draw a fake mostache on their face. Tickets were extremely cheap. My dad and I were able to buy front row seats on field level for about $50 each. The fan support made me think that I was at one of my high school games. Read more about the Marlins.

The Disgrace of the Yankees


By manny24435
For the Yankees, the 2009 season could not have gotten off to a worse start. In spring training and the off-season, the Yankees produced enough headlines to fill each New York tabloid. When the Bronx Bombers signed C.C. Sabathia, A.J. Burnett, and Mark Teixeria, it looked as if they would post one of the greatest baseball teams in MLB history with a loaded lineup and a revamped pitching staff. However, really only Burnett has been a solid, consistent performer this season for the Yankees. Weigh in! What do you think of the new staduim?

What's going on

Early 2009


By syracuse1811
Unfournately with great beginnings, comes tragic endings. Heroic accomplishments also bring forth mournful losses. Sadly those tragic and mournful losses have been occuring very often throught the month of April. Also, the 10 year stretch since Columbine and the 2 year strecth since the Virginia Tech shootings have also passed. I hate writing about deaths and reviewing old careers of athletes or other contributiors to the sports world. And I will not, I'll just mention a few. Read the full blog and talk with syracuse1811

Sensations of the Game


By macman76
A couple of days ago I was talking to my boy Sammy (CodeNameRain) about football. We began to talk about technical things like approaching a speedrusher and noticing patterns about other players and teams. At the time an idea popped up, what emotions and feeling can alter your game and how? So I will now right on some "game" altering sensations. Oh, and before I start, I want all of you reading to know that I am not a pshycologist, studying pshycology, taking a course on it, or planning to; these observations are based on past experiences and from observing athletes for the 10 or so years I've been a sports fan. Read the sensations and talk with macman76 about your emotions during a game.

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