ESPNHS: Best MLB blogs 6/21-26

ESPNHS: Best MLB blogs 6/21-26

Updated: June 26, 2009, 4:14 PM ET

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MHSQB8MHSQB8: Pitching - RoundRock, Texas. My first varsity start as a sophomore


The Best of the Best.

By Kennewick101
The best baseball player of all time is the biggest topic sence the creation of basball. I want to know from you...the public whose the best of the best?! Please help me out here by giving me 2 batters/fielders and 2 pitchers from every ten years until 1989. Exept below 1900 is one group. I intend to tally all votes and create a website for young and old talking about the most voted players. Of course I don't mind if you only give me and handful of names. Check out Kennewick10's list of the best players.

My MLB team to watch of the week. 6/23, the Seattle Mariners

By pieman12347
Seattle is my pick of the week because everything is really coming together for them this season. Ichiro has been hot since the start. Dustin Ackley will be playing for Seattle soon( which i really look forward to).
The Mariners starting pitching has also been superb. They have the lowest. The LOWEST, THAT'S THE LOWEST opp. ERA in the Leauge. That really is something. Talk baseball with pieman12347!

MHSQB8MHSQB8: Pitching - Midland Lee Game

New York Yankees

Being a Yankees Fan!!! 5 Facts!!!!

By AJP4369
Being a yankees fan is awesome because of 5 BIG REASON!!!
1: Won 26 world series...... wait wait wait 26 WOW!!!
2: Way better than Boston I dont even want to say it bbut they are better for sure... AMEN!!
3: The best players in the whole entire world!!!!!!!!!! Check out the No. 4 and 5 reasons being a Yankees fan is awesome!

Detroit Tigers

The Hot Tigers

By MaggsHOF
lThe Tigers are awsome in the last few games. They have won 5 games in a row. I remeber just a week ago where they were losing 5+ games last week.
All of the Tigers have been producing, and as of last night even the slumping Raburn produced. That was the first time in more than 15 years that the Tigers won with a walk off home run by a pinch hitter. Congrats Ryan Raburn. ... read the rest of this blog!

Chicago Cubs

what the cubs need to win this year

By 03ufgators15
like every one else i think the cubs need to hit better this is how i would i would have the lieup 1. alfanso soriano 2. ryan theriot 3.derrick lee 4. milton bradly 5. jake fox 6. geovonne soto 7 kouske fukodome/reed johnson 8 pitcher 9 mike fontenot/andres blanco please put the pitcher eighth then the 9th hitter can have a better chance of gettting on base and soriano can get more at bats with base runners and als if i were the cubs i would pray and pray that aramis ramirez can get back as soon as possible and pitching dont change anything except just get the bullpen a little better What do you think the Cubs need to win?

Philadelphia Phillies

what the cubs need to win this year

By littleleibo
The Phillies just lost, I don't know, seven games in a row at home. First they got swept by the Blue Jays and then by the Orioles. What happened? Are they losing because they don't have Raul? Is it just one player's fault? Is the whole team struggling? These are the questions I want you to answer.
What do you think? What's going on with the Phillies?


Manny's Jam

By wizzywade09
Manny cant seem top get a hit tonight as he is in a slump in New Mexico playing for a minor league teaam. Its only a matter of time before he gets back on track with the Dodgers. Weigh in on Manny's return.

What do you think?

Do I Really Want to Watch Baseball?

By chibears1223
These are the worst sports' months of the year. The NBA season is over and the upcoming NFL season is still not in viewpoint. There's not even excitement over the NHL playoffs, which I have started becoming a fan of. All there is is baseball.
Read more ... and weigh in!

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