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Trade thoughts

RANT TO ME - Trading and Grading


By ecksteinmyidol
Jarrod Washburn was sitting home almost exactly a year ago. One of his relatives called to tell him the news. "I heard you were just traded to the Yankees," he said through the phone. After a few minutes of explaining, Washburn finally got his relative to understand that the Mariners would let Washburn know before his uncle found out. And then, a day after ESPN's Rumor Central said "Washburn seems to be Staying Put", the southpaw ends up in Detroit for pitchers Luke French and Mauricio Robles. Now that's the deadline from the pitcher's perspective. What about the fans? How did all the teams do in their dealing? Let's start with the trade that gave us all the pandemic known as "Deadline Fever" Read all of this blog!

MLB Trade Deadline Moves


By SlyCooperPTI
I personally think that the biggest deadline move was the Cardinals getting Matt Holliday this should help them win their division.Although Cliff Lee to the Phillies is a great move as well.Once Jake Peavy is healthy the White Sox will have a very good rotation and with Mark Buerhle playing as well as he is they could very well win the divison.Those were the big winners of the deadline now for the big losers.The Pirates got rid of Jack Wilson,Freddy Sanchez,Adam LaRoche,Ian Snell,Sean Burnett,Nyjer Morgan,and Nate McClouth at or near the deadline.Another big loser are the Indians.A couple years ago they were a playoff team on the rise now for most of the season they've been one of the worst teams in baseball and have been behind the lowly Royals for most of the year.Getting rid of stars Cliff Lee and Victor Martinez is not going to help. What do you think?

red sox trade deadline


By tim.d.sox
Its amazing the red sox made a trade for victor martinez that made them not give up top prospect Daniel bard and clay bucholoz, But it was pointless to get adam loroche and trade him for 1B casey Kotchman who SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Did your team make a trade? What did you think of it?

Cincinnati Reds

better not blow it


By redsbengalsbucknuts16
the reds play at gabp 2 nite and they better not blow it on national tv. the last time they played on espn or their family networks or even on national tv was against stl back in 2005. they blow it again and bye bye nat. tv. What did you think of the game?

Phliadelphia Phillies

Look Out for the Phils in 09, were comin for two now! Thanks to Cliff!


By therookie95
Lets face it, the Phillies, despite winning the world series last year, were not the strongest team. Our biggest problem before and after the victory, is our starting rotation. Face it! The Phillies offense is one of the best in the MLB due to Ibanez's breakout season and Howard always giving his all when he's at bat, and our defense is also incredible, even if our bullpen is average, mostly due to the fact that Brad Lidge is not nearly as consistant as last year, mostly due to his 7.11 ERA and 6 blown Saves (mostly the ERA, since he was 1.95 and 41 for 41 in saves) But our real problem is our starting rotaion, but ever since the all-star break the Phillies have been coming together in the rotation. Read more ... and weigh in on the Phillies!

Tampa Bay Rays



By beawitness23
Why are people counting the tampa bay rays out of the al east. they are four freaking games back of the wild card and five back of the yankees, it makes no sense, once longo and pena get hot the pitching comes around and the bullpen stays strong, they will be right there, just makes no sense
How do you think the Rays will finish the season?

Yankees-Red Sox

Yankees-Red Sox, Let the Real Games Begin


By CoopRock5
In the beginning of the 2009 season, the Yankees had a slow start while the Red Sox looked like they were going to finish in 1st. The Red Sox had won the first 8 games against the Yankees. However, in this coming series, there will be a different vibe. The Yankees are now in first and look as though they want to stay there, while the Red Sox are hanging in there. This time things will be different. The Yankees have the best record in baseball since A-Rod has gotten back. Which team has the better chance to win the AL East?


5 Best baseball teams


By Shavelson09
1. Redsocks
2. Braves
3. Phillies
4. Cardinals
5. Tigers
What do your rankings look like?


New 2003 list


By TSpikes515854
Who really cares anymore. that list isn't news. Notice how, like, 75% of the huge stars since 2003 are on that list.
What do you think of the steroid era in baseball?

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