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Summer X

X Games 15


By NastyNick21
The summer X games happen once a year when the kid with the 50cc watches his favorite rider do something never seen before. This is the time when the pros wittness the feeling of the gold medal being put around their own sweaty neck. When non-proffesional riders realize why they break bones in their body for. Riders from all-around the world wait for this moment when the history happens. Read the rest of this blog!

X Games 15 is an intriguing event for Stunts!!! Mega Mo X


By Jovaughn20
The opening night of the X Games 15 opened with the Mega Mo X where the competition was intense with Jake Brown who is seeking his first gold medal, Bob Burnquist a two time gold medalist and defending champion and upcoming competitors such as Taylor, Lorifice, McDonald and Pereiz. All competitors performed magnificent stunus and major wipe outs. The competitors showed strong determination for a place in the top 3, but unfortunately only the top 3 competitors get medals. Rob Lorifice finishing with a stunt that had the crowed amazed finished with the bronze knocking out Taylor to 4th, while Burnquist and Brown tied in first on the 4 of 5 runs. On the last run both competitors wiped out. Brown wiped out doing a 360 underflip while Burnquist wiped out on Mega Mo settling for the silver while Jake Brown won his first gold medal in 11 appearnces which he was excited.. Read full post ... and weigh in!
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By daveholler5474
right now the big air competion is on jake brown is tearing it up with a 91 and bob burnquist behind him. he is sitting in first place.moto x is on later this week and i cant wait to see pastrana pull another double back flip.david ortiz was reportedly positivly tested for phd use in 2003.
What is your favorite Summer X event to watch?

BMX best trick ever!!!


By D-fence04
Nopolian Double Front Flip

Nopolian is the most insane person in the X Games ever. He made the double front flip in the third. He made it look so easy and did it again in the next round round four, but unfortunately he didn't get a medal. If Nopolian had done another trick on the ramp he would have had gold for sure.

Post, rate, and stay cool. Thank, D-fence04 :)
What do you think is the best BMX trick?

X Games John Brown wins with 94.00 and silver is bob with 94.00 the same but wat?

Travis P.28

By Travis P.28
The reason why John brown won gold is because he went first and he came with the highest points from round one to round 5 bob had a couple of crashes.And also if u thought Travis Pastrana's back flip was awsome and breathtaking hear this Travis Pastrana is going to do a backflip 360!!!first he will go jump up the ramp and do a back flip then does a 360 to land it!!!will he make it or not ur guess just post it to me then tonight we will see if he lands it. What did you think of John Brown's performance?

X Games 15


By dirtydave998
As you probably know the X games have been going on. Most people don't like the X games, but I think they're really cool. Its exciting to see guys on dirt bikes, skateboards, and BMX bikes do crazy tricks. I remember watching the X games with my cousins when Travis Pastrana landed the first ever double backflip. We went crazy! It was the coolest thing I had ever seen someone do on a dirt bike. These guys are extreme athletes. I don't think I could go off a puny ramp let alone do backflips off giant ramps They put their bodies on line every time they go off a jump. Something could go wrong at any moment and they could lose their ability to walk, but they do it anyway. Would you compete in the X Games? What event?

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