Track's torture is well worth it

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BANGOR, Maine -- Whenever anyone mentioned track to me when I was in middle school, I thought, "Why would I put myself through such torture?" I continued this thought process until eighth grade when I thought I'd give it a shot. I've been doing track ever since and I'm going into my senior year and I plan on sticking with it. I can't think of any reason why not to, because now I love it.

Track is a lot of work but I still love to do it, especially sprinting. One of my favorite parts about being a sprinter is when you're in a race and you get so focused that it seems like there is nothing else but you. You get this drive to win that you never thought you had, but then it's over within a few seconds.

Winning races, though, takes so much work. My first year of high school track I didn't think I was going to survive. It was so much harder then middle school track or any sport I had done. But I did survive and kept with it.

The workouts are what made me think I couldn't make it in track. Our team runs no matter what the weather, even if that means we have to run inside. It can be quite fun running in the hallways, which you could never do on a regular day.

Our workouts are really intense. We run up a hill and then walk down and we repeat this over and over again. This is probably one of the worst things we do but in the end it does help us improve. These are some of the hardest workouts that really make you tired, and when you're tired there really isn't much you can do except push through it. And when we're not running, we're in the weight room.

Workouts and weights in the end really make a difference. We have at least one meet a week, and it feels great to see all of the hard work pay off for yourself and the team.

No matter what people say, track is a team sport and that's what helps make it fun. It can also make you push yourself harder.

My challenge right now with sprinting is improving my start. A good start can help you win a race. Like everything else, it's just going to take more practice to get it right.

Track, even though I believe that it's one of the hardest sports, is worth trying. It's a sport where you can see improvements and mistakes and you always work to improve.

Track does make you really tired, but it's all worth it in the end.

Kara Churchill is a senior at Bucksport High Schoo in Bangor, Maine. She competes in the pole vault, long jump, triple jump and team relays.
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