One-on-One with Deshaun Thomas

Bishop Luers (Fort Wayne, Ind.) teacher Mary Keefer goes one-on-one with Deshaun Thomas. This question-and-answer series took place shortly after Bishop Leurs' Jan. 24 contest against Northland (Columbus, Ohio) at Ohio State University

Getting to Know Deshaun

Favorite TV show: "The Cosby Show"
What's in my iPod: Drake and Nelly
Dream car: Mercedes-Benz. It doesn't matter if it's old.
Dream date: Beyoncé
Favorite vacation spot: The Bahamas
Favorite meal: Baked chicken & potatoes, but I have a lot of favorites
Favorite movie: "Love & Basketball"
Favorite sports team: Cleveland Cavaliers
What I'm reading: ESPN The Magazine or Sports Illustrated
On my bedroom walls: LeBron James posters and letters from kids around Indiana that want my autograph
One thing I'd grab from my burning house: My shoes
Worst habit: Not cleaning my room
Most embarrassing moment: In middle school, my shorts fell off while I was diving for a ball
Love to trade places for a day with: LeBron James
Favorite athlete to watch: Kobe Bryant
Pre-game ritual: Nope, I really don't have one
Best player I ever competed against: Harrison Barnes

What was it like playing at Ohio State?
It felt good playing there with 7,000 people. I was happy with my play. I thought I was received well. I played my best and my current teammates were happy that I played well. They thanked me for the opportunity to play at Ohio State. It was fun.

Describe the pressure that you feel in trying to break Damon Bailey's record.
Everybody is in my ear telling me that I have to break it. 'Why are you on a two-game losing streak? You have to break that record.' We just cannot win them all. No one can. I try my hardest every game. It would be fun to break the state scoring record, but it is what it is. I have had a great high school career. I wouldn't change any of it. I will continue to play my best.

How do you feel about college coaches recruiting kids in the eighth grade or younger?
I think it's OK. It is a great experience for a young kid to have a college coach looking at them when they are young. It makes them play harder. If one coach is looking at a kid, that might bring other coaches' attention. Some kids who work really hard may not get the chance to get a scholarship; they might think that they are not playing well. Attention by a college coach keeps kids going.

What about Ohio State caused you to choose that school over a school in Indiana?
I always thought about Indiana University, but the situation they experienced the past couple of years made me wonder if that was a good place for me. Growing up I always wanted to see other places, so when Ohio State recruited me, I saw it as an opportunity to meet new people. The state of Indiana will always be home for me. Fort Wayne will always be home for me. I think the coaches at Ohio State are great guys. They know how to keep kids on the right path. They make me smile and laugh. I'm excited for next year. I'm happy to be a part of THE Ohio State University.