Getting heroic with Roys

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Medina, Ohio cross country runner Donny Roys is on the short list of candidates to contend for a national championship this year. After leading Medina to a state championship with an individual title of his own last year, Roys has been up to his winning ways again this year, including an impressive win at the Northeast Ohio Conference championships on Oct. 11. Before he crashes the postseason races, Roys stopped by to tell us what five superheroes he'd most like to be…

1. The Flash
"He's faster than anyone."

2. Superman
"He has every power anyone would want."

3. The Green Lantern
"I've always wanted to be able to shoot green streaks."

4. The Incredible Hulk
"He's able to take on anyone."

5. Human Torch from "Fantastic Four"
"I'm kind of a pyro, and it would be awesome to be on fire."

Christopher Parish covers high school sports for ESPNRISE.com