No. 8 Glenville stunned in playoffs

Editor's note: ESPN will release the ESPN RISE FAB 50 national football rankings to start each week of the regular season. The rankings combine three previously independent polls and are compiled by a panel of voters, including Doug Huff (Wheeling, W. Va.); Jon Mahoney (Brooklyn, N.Y.); Sheldon Shealer (Myersville, Md.); Brian Stumpf (Torrance, Calif.) and Mark Tennis
(Stockton, Calif.). Kynon Codrington, Christopher Lawlor, Mike Loveday, Bob Masajo and Paul Muyskens also contributed to the poll.

For the first time this fall, a highly ranked ESPN RISE FAB 50 squad saw its season end in a playoff loss. That would be previous No. 8 Glenville of Cleveland, which was defeated 8-7 on Saturday in the Ohio Division I state bracket by Cleveland St. Ignatius, which came into the game ranked No. 17 in the FAB 50.

How to rank teams in this situation is always tricky and the voters of the FAB 50 handled it in different ways, although none of them dropped Glenville completely from this week's rankings. Glenville could still drop out, though, since its final ranking will hinge on what St. Ignatius does the rest of the way. If the Wildcats get their 10th state title, Glenville will have an argument to be ranked right behind them. If the Wildcats don't get it done, Glenville will slide right on out with them.

St. Ignatius was ranked as high as No. 8 on some ballots, but the eventual ranking for this week came in at No. 11. The Tarblooders, who probably would have only dropped 10 spots if their loss wasn't season-ending, wound up at No. 34.

For the second straight week, only one team dropped out of the FAB 50 due to a loss, and that was previous No. 47 Naperville (Ill.) North. This week's lone newcomer is Newnan (Ga.) High, at No. 50.

Results as of Nov. 8.

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Also Receiving Votes: Lowell (Lowell, Mich.) 11-0, Columbus (Miami) 7-0, Pickerington Central (Pickerington, Ohio) 12-0.

Dropped Out: Previous No. 47 Naperville North (Naperville, Ill.).

*Ties in points are broken according to which team was ranked higher by a majority of panelists.