College campus will feel like home to Smith

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Westlake (Waldorf, Md.) senior Devon Smith is one of the nation's top football players and sprinters. The two-sport star plans on competing in both sports in college at Penn State. Here are the top five reasons he likes the State College campus.

1. It's a good program
"It's not all about football to them. It's academics, then football."

2. It had my major
"I want to major in athletic training because I always thought that if I didn't go pro in football or track that I could continue my career in this."

3. Nice atmosphere
"The fans just love football down there."

4. Trust
"I just have a lot of trust, especially with coach Larry Johnson who recruited me."

5. Location
"I didn't want to go far from my family. I'm the first person to go to college in my family, and I wanted to have them see me play."

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