Programs of the decade (11-50)

Who are the best programs of the decade?

This could be quite a subjective debate. However, we have tried to apply a little science to this argument, and below is our countdown to the No. 1 program of the decade.

In sizing up the best programs, the following factors are given consideration: win-loss record, number of playoff appearances, quality of postseason results and, ultimately, number of championships. Each program in Maryland was ranked based on win-loss records and quality points in each of these areas to arrive at the overall Top 50 programs for the decade of 2000-2009. A perfect score would be 8.000, and that could only be achieved by winning 10 straight Class 4A state titles with a perfect record every season.

The team of the 1990s was Seneca Valley.

Who will top the list for the 2000s?

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