ESPNHS Wednesday: Best of fan blogs 1/28

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Superbowl XLIII


By dawgfan6775
My oppionion of this game is that it's going to be a close one. This game won't be very high scoring, but will see some touchdowns from both teams. This game will be one of the greats. Both teams have some advantages. The steelers got the #1 D-fence in the NFl, and got both a good running game and passing game with Big ben and parker, but will Ward play? It's not sure that he'll play in the game though, but I think he will.
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Super Bowl XLIII


By merkle3
featuring the Arizona Cardinals vs the Pittsburgh Steelers
Kurt Warner throws for impressive 300+ yards leading the Cardinals to a 24-17 victory and winning MVP
wait for it this Sunday
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Superbowl predictions


By Numberoneknicksfan1128
Who do YOU want to win the Superbowl? On this blog, please take the time to tell me who you want to win Superbowl 43. Thanks!
What's your prediction?

Go Steelers


By Tooch2263
The rason why the steelers are going to win is that the mascot of the az brurnd a terrable towl. Weigh in with your Super Bowl pick!

Go Arizona


By BrandanCaldwell
I dont like the Steelers because im a Browns fan and i hope they loose the super bowl!!!!!! GOOOOOOOOOO Cardinals
Who are you rooting for this weekend?

My 2009 NFL Mock Draft


By checkag
I'll show you my latest but first I have some predictions:
1. Sanchez will fall, more than ppl think. Some like Minnesota will probably trade up to get him. I'm thinking a repeat of Brady Quinn's draft day.
2. Unless LT leaves San Diego or Knowshon has a monster Combine, Moreno will fall.
3. And lastly, just because Lions fans want Detroit to avoid Stafford, doesn't mean they will. ... Read all of checkag's picks

Mock NFL Draft


By hunter889479
1. Detroit Lions: Matthew Stafford, QB, Georgia
The Lions need help at the QB position fast. Stafford is the guy. He is a great pro-style QB with his arm strength and accuracy. They already have decent wideouts so a QB like Stafford would be a perfect fit.
2. St. Louis Rams: Eugene Monroe, OT, Virginia ... Check out all of the picks



Kevin Gartman

By Kevin Gartman
I am not freaking out like everyone else is about how the coach of the team that won 100-0 last week should be fired. In all honesty, it is a coach's job to run his offense and it's the opposing coach's job to stop him. But do you know who I am really mad? Whoever scheduled that game. Who schedules a top-tier team to play against when your school hasn't won a game in 4 years? Who schedules an elite high school basketball team when you have 8 girls on your varsity basketball team, and only 20 girls in the whole school.
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All Star Game


By TriCounty12
ok what ever happened to defensive struggles? What ever happened to goalies? I mean come on 12-11 in hockey? 134-128 in bball? seriously? i dont like seeing these kinds of things. I would like to see some defense out there at least keep the score single digits in hockey and in bball keep it near the 110' s i like seeing some droughts and some great defensive plays and blocks. All i hear about now is how much this team beat that team and crap like that. I like to hear about how close this all star game was and how close that one was. ... Read full post

Iverson to the Pistons?


By magicman3412
+This surprised me, and i think the nuggets are the dunbest ppl i know. He was pretty much their star player then they just dump him?
What do you think?




By grizzliesfas
Why did Gottfried get fired? Well if they had lost to Ole Miss he would have been fired there, But they won that game so he had one more. I think it was a good idea to resign before getting fired. ... Read full post

Streak for the Cash

I success to do it


By palmer_08
After reached the five win streak in 2009, I will try to continue the streak on the top that I can do. The next game that I pick is the matchup between the No. 1 Duke Blue Devils at the No. 4 Wake Forest Demon Deacons. ... Read full post

Streak For cash 1/29 Picks


By rednats92
1. 2 goals or fewer vs 3 goals or more- I would go under on this one, both teams focus on defense.
2. arsenal vs everton w/d- I like everton here cause arsenal is an inconsistent team look for a 1-1 game.
3. duke vs wake- Tough match up, I like duke on the road to win by 7 after vtech came into wake and beat them. ... Read the rest of rednats92's picks