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A Low Scoring Battle in Chamaign


By statestars75
On Wednesday, Penn State went into Assembly Hall in Champaign to face the 16th ranked Fighting Illini. This game following the home win over Minnesota, was the second game in a tough stretch deciding Penn State's tournament hopes. The game started off slow with many turnovers, and that is exactly how it was. The final score of 38-33 Penn State, is the lowest scoring game in Assembly Hall's history.
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Thoughts on AP Poll


By blahblahabby
With selection Sunday just 29 days away, it's time to start talking about every college basketball lover's Super Bowl: The NCAA tournament. For those of you who aren't so aware of this 70-year tradition, here is a quick little breakdown for you.
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Unfair Treatment


By Hunter889479
The McDonalds All-American roster has been announced and all I have to say is BOO!!!!

There is one player from the state of Tennessee who should have definitely made the roster. John Jenkins of Station Camp High School in Hendersonville, TN should have been on the roster. I mean he is tearing it up his senior year and he did not make it?
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Vince Carter


By CoopRock5
Would you want Vince Carter on your favorite team?
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Daytona 500


By detroittiger13
All right so this past weekend we had the 51st running of the Daytona 500. The race was shorten 50 laps because of rain making Matt Kenseth the winner. Yet out of the rain problem came the wrek with Dale Jr and Brain Vickers. The two were fighting for postion when they crashed. They took out half the pack and Kyle Busch who had the best car out there. ... Read full post

Mstar 444888's super awesome blog thingee


By mstar444888
If any crazy things have happened in the sports world, it was the rainout of the Daytona 500. It was so anticlimactic at the end. And the rule changes for the trucks. To see what I mean and get the results of the Daytona 500
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By nepatsfan523
sigh I knew it. Many fans are still going about cheating through the Izzo incident. These morons fail to realize he is only a special teams player, no Shawne Merriman BUT OH WAIT, HE TOOK HGH AND NOOOOOOOOOONE CALLS HIM A CHEATER??? And Harrison who took HGH before the Super Bowl. What a cheater, a cheater UNLIKE THE NUMBER OF PANTHERS WHO ALSO PRESCRIBED OR TOOK STEROIDS BEFORE THE SUPERBOWL! ... Read more from nepatsfan523

who will the jags pick :


By seanisgod96
who will the jaguars pick : jason smith or pat white?
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Baseball Season is Around the Corner


By numberoneyanksfan13
Baseball is coming around the bend, and many fans are wondering if their favorite baseball teams will make it into the playoffs. Here is what I predict the playoff picture to look like, why they made it in, and what their seed will be:
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A-Rod Steroid Use


By imwrilliekuhl
I think that A-Rod did break the rules; but look at all the other players that were on performance enhancing drugs. There are a lot of mediocre players that get the 50 game suspension, then everyone forgets and moves on. A-Rod's situation needs to be forgotten. His test results weren't even suppose to be released in the first place. Please give the guy a break and let him play baseball so we can all enjoy the sport.
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What's Going On

The way you become a better athlete

Ben -Brennan

By Ben -Brennan
Way you become a better athlete

Im not the most intelligent person in the world, and I haven't experienced many things in my life, but one thing that i have learned from coaches is the way to become a better athlete. The first part about becoming a better athlete is that you have to work your hardest no matter what the circumstance. If you don't work your hardest, you will never gain any skill, and your only hurting yourself. ...Keep reading!

Day #3


By mrpresident2390
Yes! I picked the upset Purdue over Mich St. so that brings my streak total to 2…Tonight there were a lot of tough games to choose from.Hornets v Magic and Virgina and VT but I decieded to pick Miami over Florida State at Florida. The reason I picked Miami is because they have had a way tougher sched and only lost to Duke by 3 in OT…UNC by 4 an addtion they have have lost 6 of 8 this team is too good to go on this long of a drought they despertly need this one and i think they will git it. See what he thinks of the NBA trades!

Andrew Martiszus


By andrewmartiszus
Im Andrew Martiszus and I love racing and watching the Phoenix Suns play basketball.Steve Nash is my main man and is an amazing player
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By patriots141414
waz up people
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