ESPNHS Tuesday: Best of blogs 2/24

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Steroids and baseball


By detroittiger13
So unless you have lived under a rock for the past few weeks you know that the baseball world was shaking up Alex Rodriguez and his admitting the use of steroids. This made really question the one sport that I truly to do love more than anything in this world. I hate how they are ruining my sport that I love so much. The other thing I hate is how the commissioner is dealing with all this at once (Which he is not cable of). He is saying that he will find some form of punishment for Rodriguez. Yea right ... read full post from detroittiger13!

Baseball is coming up


By DubGSoxDewy19
Baseball season has arrived, i can't wait til summer ball double headers.
What are you most looking forward to this baseball season?


What The Future Holds

Mr. Almighty

By Mr. Almighty
I been watching the NFL scouting combine this week and it seems like the players aren't as exciting to watch like the past years. Not to take anything away from them, i'm pretty sure they did their best out there. It seems like you can predict where most players might land in the draft, the hype just isn't there anymore. and I was really took by suprise when the players were running their 40's. What do you think the future holds?



Trevor Paraiso

By Trevor Paraiso
Talk hockey with Trevor Paraiso!

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