ESPNHS: Best basketball blogs 3/1-3/6

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High School Video

Miraculous Game Winning Shot by Andrew Fetting


By Prince_a_persia
VIDEO: With 4.7 seconds left Andrew (Sandusky High School in Michigan) hits a three point shot to win the game for the Redskins by 1 point! 56-55.
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Warriors as of 3/3/09


By Mr. Almighty
If you are a warriors fan its been a very hard year for you. I got back from another disappointing lost last night by the warriors against the Jazz and here are the things I saw.

(1) WE DONT HAVE A Point Guard!!!!
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Who's MVP?

Mr. Almighty

By Mr. Almighty
I most say this years NBA season has been outstanding. Alot of AGGRESSIVENESS, HUSTLE, & EMOTIONS, but when it comes to these three intials there are a few strong canidates that might come to mind…MVP. Dwayne Wade, Lebron James, Kobe Bryant, Chris Paul, & Dwight Howard are all top candidates for this years award but who will get it. Who do you think should be MVP?



By Grant-Coleman
Will the Charlotte Bobcats make the playoffs? i think that they will if they keep winning lke this Which teams do you think will make the playoffs?

NCAA Basketball

Jodie Meeks Player of the Year


Here's a good bar bet for you. Find a watering hole in a good college hoops town and ask someone how many Wooden Award winners have come from the University of Kentucky.

The silence might be deafening, but not necessarily because Joe Hoops is stumped. It might be because the correct answer is zero.... Read full post!

Notre Dame coming back


By sweeteness6
The Fighting Irish are have a rough year, but the Big East Tournament is coming up and I know they will win, and make it to the National Tournament. One big factor for Notre Dame is Kyle Maclareny who must step up for them to win.
How will Notre Dame do in the Big East Tournament?

college hoops

Mike 1231

By Mike 1231
Hey i just want to hear your opinon on who you think will be the last four in and last four out. Post a messege and tell me.
Which teams do you think will make the Final Four?

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