ESPNHS: Best NFL blogs 3/15-20

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Jay Cutler

Jay the New Way Cutler


By debronx27
I always thought Jay Cutler would be the QB of the future for the Denver Broncos. I hope he still will be, but now I'm not so sure?

For a couple weeks now the Jay Cutler saga has been raging forward. I have been reading every article on the situation and it seems to me that both sides are at fault. I am a complete Die Hard Denver Broncos fan and i think Jay has the potential to be better than John Elway, crazy, i don't think so. ... Read full post on Jay Cutler and the Broncos

Saying a Deal Goes Through


By BoBulus0
Alright lets talk about this. I'm sure that there is no Denver Broncos fan that is more upset about this Cutler talk than me. I'm sure there is some on the same level though. I think this whole thing has been blown out of proportion. I say that but it's got me thinking."What if a trade happens?" My head started working.
I read that there are three teams in the Jay Cutler sweepstakes, and I'm going to work this out:

What do you think about the Jay Cutler situation?



By Waggy-K
Jay Cutler has ask for a trade big deal trade him right. Wrong! if they take action and trade him that will be the dumbest move ever. Cutler threw for 25 tds last year but he had 18 ints. However the 4,526 yards semi-made up for it. Trading Cutler for Cassel is like ...
See the comparison Waggy-K makes for a Cutler-for-Cassel trade.


Marshawn Lynch Arrest


By Baseballanderson
I've been talking a lot about the NCAA but now I'm going to talk about one of my favorite sports football. Marshawn Lynch was arrested on misdemeanor gun charges this week. He met with the commissioner Roger Goodell to discuss punishments. Lynch will have to do 80 hours of community service as well as 3 years probation. He also will probably have a long suspension for next season. This is not exactly what the Bills need.
Find out what Baseballanderson thinks of the AFC East next season!

Vikings Offseason


By nickswr24
I believe I am just one of many Vikings fans dissapointed in Zygi Wilf's decisions this offseason. They came in, knowing what they needed to do.
1. Find a quarterback.
2. Find a starting right tackle.
3. Re-sign free agent Matt Birk.
Check out the rest of this blog ...

Packers lack of talent on the d-line


By dankert48
The Packers have no real hope of winning next year unless they get at least 2 quality linemen. First, they have to draft one in the first round and should trade to get another either from a another team to save cap room or trade for another draft pick to draft another lineman. Also, with their second round pickc they should draft either nix out of UNC or Heyword-Bey out of Maryland. Weigh in about the Packers!

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