ESPNHS Wednesday: Best NBA blogs 3/25

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NBA players

Best 10 NBA Players


By greyez7
10 Best Active Players, In My Opinion

1. Kobe Bryant- Most complete player in the NBA
2. LeBron James- One of the most exciting players ever
3. Dwayne Wade- Quickly becoming an AWESOME player
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Who Is The NBA's Best Player?


By Baseballanderson
There have been a lot of talks about the best in the NBA. But who really is? In my mind there are only two. Lebron and Kobe. There are still plenty of others who could emerge to the top. Guys like Chris Paul, Micheal Beasley, Dwight Howard and other young players like that. (Overall career wise Shaq currently in the NBA has had the best career). What makes Lebron so special is his athleticism and his ability to be an all-around player. Lebron also isn't on the strongest team (besides him). But he is still able to lead them to the #1 seed in the East. Which player do you think is the best? Talk with Baseballanderson.

NBA teams



By jac-12
The Bulls have been doing great lately. I really think that they can get the 6th seed in the eastern conference playoffs. John Salmons and Brad Miller have been good additions. John Salmons has been averaging 20 points a game since he came over from Sacramento. The best trade the Bulls have made in a long time.
What seed do you think the Bulls will get in the playoffs?


D.U. 25

By D.U. 25
The Boston Celtics are currently 4 games back of the Clevland Cavilers and it looks like Clevland isn't looking back.I for one think that Boston and Cleveland will meet in the Eastern Confrence Finals and Boston will win in 6 and beat the San Antoio Spurs in 7.Boston doesn't have the bench players they had last year but they do have the experience of a NBA Championship and one of the best coaches in the league.Not to mention one of the most emotional players in the NBA in Kevin Garnett who should be healthy for the playoffs.What does the great sports nation think? What do you think ... Weigh in!

Are The Suns Playoff Bound?


By baseballanderson
Will Phoenix make the playoffs? Thats a big topic up for debate. The Suns have had a good year and are currently sitting in 9th place in the Western Conference. They're three games back from Dallas with 12 games left in the season. The Suns have two future hall of famers in Steve Nash and of course Shaquille O'Neal. But losing stoudemire is going to hurt them not having his playmaking skills on the court. Shaq has improved over the course of the seaon by having a career high in free-throws (amazingly). ... Read full post

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